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  1. If Hope Dies Death Of a Salesman This is the final countdown The hands on the clock Become the hands upon your throat Take a hard look at your time card Add up all the hours The weeks, the months and years Think of all the time that you’ve sold away Of all the smiles, laughter and passion You’ve left behind

  2. Compilation appearances: - "Anthem for the Unemployable" on Taste Of Chaos Sampler 2006 (Metal Blade Records, 2006) - "Anthem for the Unemployable" on Metal Blade Summer Sampler 2006 (Metal Blade Records, 2006) - "Anthem for the Unemployable" on KnuckleTracks 95 (Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, 2006)

  3. If Hope Dies. 1,385 likes. Official Facebook page of the Syracuse, NY metal band If Hope Dies. "Life In Ruin" out now on vinyl

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  4. If Hope Dies - Curses Honororum (EN ESPAÑOL) (Letra y canción para escuchar) - Separated, compartmentalized / These are the dreary days / Of our lives / Screened out, and filed away / Locked into drawers / Of human decay / Forced to live

  5. 15 LETRAS de IF HOPE DIES: 'Sugar, Free Donuts', 'Curses Honororum', 'Dellamorte, Dellamore', 'So it Goes', 'The Null Set' ...

  6. If Hope Dies A Prayer To Afflict The Comfortable It's so much easier To avert our eyes From all the suffering And injustices That permeate our lives To be in the midst of Sickness and pain

  7. If Hope Dies is a Metalcore/Hardcore act from Syracuse, NY (formerly based in Auburn, NY). The band formed in 1998 and consists of vocalist Allie French, guitarists Thad Jackson and Brian Ward ...