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  1. Trabajos de Pascal, Newton, Jacob Bernoulli y Euler se volvieron fundamentales en el emergente campo. En los tiempos modernos, los trabajos de J. J. Sylvester (a finales del siglo XIX ) y Percy MacMahon (a principios del siglo XX ) ayudaron a asentar las bases para la combinatoria enumerativa y combinatoria algebraica .

  2. Bernoulli's imaginary logarithmic utility function and Gabriel Cramer's U=W 1/2 function were conceived at the time not for a theory of demand but to solve the St. Petersburg's game. Bernoulli assumed that "a poor man generally obtains more utility than a rich man from an equal gain" [4] an approach that is more profound than the simple mathematical expectation of money as it involves a law of ...

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