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  1. 40 pence or 1 ⁄ 6 th pound sterling made one Troy Ounce (480 grains, 31.1035 g) of sterling silver. It was approximately on a par with France's livre parisis of one French ounce (30.594 g), and in 1524 it would also be the model for a standardised German currency in the form of the Guldengroschen , which also weighed 1 German ounce of silver or 29.232 g (0.9398 ozt).

  2. Pound is the name for a unit of currency.It is used in some countries today and previously was used in many others. The English word pound derives from the Latin expression lībra pondō, in which lībra is a noun meaning "pound" and pondō is an adverb meaning "by weight".

  3. Alexander Volkanovski (Nueva Gales del Sur, Australia; 29 de septiembre de 1988) es un peleador australiano de artes marciales mixtas que actualmente compite en la categoría de peso pluma en Ultimate Fighting Championship, donde es el actual campeón.