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  1. ill Significado, definición, qué es ill: 1. not feeling well, or suffering from a disease: 2. bad: 3. good; impressive: . Aprender más.

  2. 1. (indispuesto) a. enfermo. He felt ill after eating the shrimp.Se sintió enfermo después de comer los camarones. b. malo (coloquial) He's ill and won't be going to school today.Está malo y no irá a la escuela hoy. 2. (malvado) a. malo. She's said to be a woman of ill repute, but I think she's misunderstood.

  3. ill adj. (evil, inauspicious) malo/a adj. malvado/a adj. The weird hail storm in the middle of summer was interpreted as an ill omen by the superstitious townspeople. La tormenta de granizo en medio del verano fue interpretada por los supersticiosos como un mal presagio. ill adj. (bad, poor)

  4. ill. (ĭl) adj. worse (wûrs), worst (wûrst) 1. Not healthy; sick: I began to feel ill last week. 2. Not normal; unsound: an ill condition of body and mind. 3. Resulting in suffering; harmful or distressing: the ill effects of a misconceived policy.

  5. ill: [adjective] immoral, vicious. resulting from, accompanied by, or indicative of an evil or malevolent intention. attributing evil or an objectionable quality.

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