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  1. Jane Horrocks is an actress internationally known as the zany and droll Bubble in the award winning British television sitcom Absolutely Fabulous (1992). She's also remembered as Miss Irvine, an evildoing witch-turned heroine in one her earliest films, The Witches (1990).

  2. 03/10/2006 · The Amazing Mrs Pritchard: Created by Sally Wainwright. With Jane Horrocks, Steven Mackintosh, Jodhi May, Jemma McKenzie-Brown. The story follows Mrs Ros Pritchard, a successful manager of a supermarket.

  3. Jane Horrocks Tubby Phone. Jane Horrocks is an English stage, film and television actress, voice artist, musician and singer, famous for her roles of Bubble in the BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous and the role of LV in the film Little Voice. She is the voice of the Teletubbies’ Tubby Phone. Watch

  4. Plot. Wyrd Sisters, the 6-episode television animated fantasy-comedy series closely follows the plot of the novel, which features three witches: Granny Weatherwax; Nanny Ogg, matriarch of a large tribe of Oggs, who owns the most evil cat in the world, (Greebo); and Magrat Garlick, the junior witch, who firmly believes in occult jewellery, even though none of it works.