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  1. Johann Ernst Hebenstreit, German physician and naturalist (d. 1757) January 20 – Joseph-Hector Fiocco, Belgian composer and violinist (d. 1741) January 22 – Antoine Walsh, Irish-French slave trader and Jacobite (d. 1763) January 29 – Carlmann Kolb, German priest (d. 1765) January 31 – André-Joseph Panckoucke, French author and ...

  2. Her mother was Caroline of Ansbach, daughter of Johann Friedrich, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach. As a granddaughter of the Elector of Hanover, she was styled Princess Caroline of Hanover at birth. Under the Act of Settlement 1701, she was seventh in the line of succession to the British throne.

  3. Joachim Ernst, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach: 14. Albert II, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach: 29. Countess Sophie of Solms-Laubach: 7. Dorothea Charlotte of Brandenburg-Ansbach: 30. Joachim Ernest, Count of Oettingen-Oettingen: 15. Sophia Margaret of Oettingen-Oettingen: 31. Countess Anna Sibila of Solms-Sonnenwalde-Pouch

  4. She was the firstborn child of Christian Ernst, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth, and his second wife, Princess Sophie Luise of Württemberg, daughter of Eberhard III, Duke of Württemberg. She was named for her father, Christian, and her mother's father, Eberhard. As the daughter of the Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth, she was margravine by

  5. In 1603, Hohenzollern Elector Joachim III Frederick of Brandenburg separately inherited the Silesian Duchy of Jägerndorf from his cousin, Margrave George Frederick of Brandenburg-Ansbach, and installed his second son, Johann Georg, as duke.

  6. Leonhart Fuchs (German: [ˈleːɔnhaʁt ˈfʊks]; 17 January 1501 – 10 May 1566), sometimes spelled Leonhard Fuchs and cited in Latin as Leonhartus Fuchsius, was a German physician and botanist.

  7. Hedwig of Münsterberg-Oels (aged 16) was married to Georg, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach (aged 40), in 1525. Jane Guildford (aged about 16) was married to John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland (aged 21), in 1525. Lady Mary Brandon was at most 17-years-old when she was married to Thomas Stanley, 2nd Baron Monteagle, sometime before 1527.