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  1. Jogaila, later Władysław II Jagiełło (c. 1352/1362 – 1 June 1434) was Grand Duke of Lithuania (1377–1434), King of Poland (1386–1399) alongside his wife Jadwiga, and then sole King of Poland. In 1385 the Union of Krewo was signed between Queen Jadwiga of Poland and Jogaila, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, the last pagan state in Europe.

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    The article says: "after the 17th century, all members resumed the trait of having their children at a young age."But this article gives no account of the Jagiellons after the death of Anna, which marked the end of the dynasty. So my question is: did this mark the end of the House of Jagiellon a search for which redirects to this article on the dyn...

    From the article's main body:

    I have enlarged the dynasty diagram to fit fully across the page for better visibility and improved formatting of the text (previously was compressed on the right side). Is it a good idea to move the Dynasty diagram to after the end of all the prose in the article and put this note at the end of the first paragraph (See dynasty chart at the bottom ...

    English-written sources through I got acquainted with this dynasty, tended to use the form Jagelloas the name of this dynasty. Yes, the dynasty. I think the variant Jagiellois a result of later Polish influence. Perhaps of some American-Polish in acedemic and publishing world. Why? Mostly because Latin, French, Italian and so forth, use variant wit...

    Hiya, I'll freely admit that the entire Jagiellon dynasty confuses the heck out of me, and I keep losing track of who's related to whom and what they're supposed to be called, but could someone please help clarify the Bohemia/Hungary section of the article? For example: 1. Sigismund's heir was his sister, Catherine Jagiellonica. Which Sigismund is ...

    Anthropologists have given some special attention to the Jagiello dynasty regarding their tendencies to procreate next generation just at rather an old age, and also often to first marry relatively aged. Most of its males in the two centuries (approximately between 1360 and 1560) managed to have their heirs only when well in their middle years. In ...

    I've removed the section on "Surviving Members". It all looked rather fishy (a British(?)lawyer and one of the many Szlachta families seemed to claim descent) and was completely without references. Anyone who does know some published materials that help shed a light on the issue are very welcome to contribute. Trigaranus (talk) 15:22, 23 August 200...

    Could anyone check if she was really a queen only? I was taught that she was a king, like St. Hedwig, for a short period, probably in order to shorten an over-prolonged period of interregnum. (talk) 02:15, 30 March 2011 (UTC)

    One of the external links goes to a Physics dept. at a univ, the other is in Polish.This article needs substantial Reliable Sources in English, and there needs to be in-line citations ASAP.Technically, this could be nominated for swift deletion - so please, those editors in-the-know, get to work on this and bring it in line with Wikipedia policy. H...

    Probably after the holidays for adding citations, English language + scholarly publication is not an issue. Also, "Jagiellonian" is far more common usage (and in the best current scholarship), so let me put that rename out there as something that should be done and can be done in short order. Otherwise, nothing terribly urgent, just curious who els...

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  5. Barbara Jagiellon (15 July 1478 – 15 February 1534) was a Polish princess member of the Jagiellonian dynasty and by marriage Duchess of Saxony . Born in Sandomierz, she was the sixth daughter of King Casimir IV of Poland and Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria. She was named after her great-grandmother, Barbara of Cilli, Holy Roman Empress . Contents