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  1. 15/06/2022 · En medio de la histeria colectiva, Joel ( Troy Baker ), su hija Sarah ( Hana Hayes) y su hermano Francesc ( Jeffrey Pierce) abandonan su hogar en los suburbios de Austin, Texas para evitar la infección, pero en el camino son interceptados por un oficial que asesina a Sarah al creer que está infectada. Avispa infectada por el hongo Cordyceps

  2. 24/06/2022 · Silver Pictures is an American film production company founded by Hollywood producer Joel Silver in 1980. The Silver Pictures logo, also called The Chip, is modeled on a block pattern that Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the exteriors of the Storer House in Los Angeles. Silver has been a lifelong aficionado of Frank Lloyd Wright

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    18/06/2022 · Producer Joel Silver soon joined the project. Although the project had key supporters, including Silver and Di Bonaventura, to influence the company, The Matrix was still a huge investment for Warner Bros., which had to invest $60 million to create a movie with philosophical themes and difficult special effects.

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    The series depicts a future in which Earth is dominated by a race of self-aware machines that was spawned from the creation of artificial intelligence early in the 21st century. At one point conflict arose between mankind and machines, and the machines rebelled against their creators. Mankind attempted to block out the machines' source of solar pow...


    During production of the original trilogy, the Wachowskis told their close collaborators that, "at that time they had no intention of making another Matrix film after The Matrix Revolutions". In February 2015, in promotion interviews for Jupiter Ascending, Lilly Wachowski called a return to The Matrix "a particularly repelling idea in these times", noting studios' tendencies to "greenlight" sequels, reboots, and adaptations, in preference to original material. Meanwhile, Lana Wachowski, in ad...


    The following is a list of crew members who have participated in the making of the Matrixfilm series.

    The Matrix series includes a trilogy of feature films, all of which were written and directed by the Wachowskis and produced by Joel Silver, starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving. The series was filmed in Australia and began with 1999's The Matrix, which depicts the recruitment of hacker Neointo humanity's reb...

    Box office performance

    The Matrix was highly successful, earning over $460 million worldwide on a modest budget of $63 million. The sequels had a much larger budget of $150 million each; Reloaded was also a big commercial success, earning almost $740 million worldwide and becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film in history, a title which it held for 13 years, until it was surpassed by the film Deadpool; Revolutions had the world's first simultaneous release across major cities all over the world, which for the fi...

    Critical and public response

    While The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded received positive reviews, the critical response to The Matrix Revolutions was more negative. One complaint was that Revolutions did not give answers to the questions raised in Reloaded.

    Legal claims

    In April 2003, Sophia Stewart filed a legal complaint in the United States District Court for the Central District of California alleging that the idea of The Matrix (and the 1984 film The Terminator) were plagiarized from her own film treatment titled "The Third Eye". The court allowed the lawsuit to move forward in 2005, but Stewart did not attend the hearing. In a 53-page ruling, Judge Margaret Morrow dismissed the case, stating that Stewart and her attorneys "had not entered any evidence...

    The Matrix films makes numerous references to films and literature, and to historical myths and philosophy including Buddhism, Vedanta, Advaita Hinduism, Christianity, Messianism, Judaism, Gnosticism, existentialism, obscurantism, and nihilism. The films' premise resembles Plato's Allegory of the cave, René Descartes's evil demon, Kant's reflection...

    In 2004, Warner Home Video released The Ultimate Matrix Collection, a 10-disc set of the films on DVD. It included the trilogy of films, The Animatrix, and six discs of additional material, including the documentary film The Matrix Revisited, the live action footage shot for Enter the Matrix, and a promotional compilation of The Matrix Online. For ...

    By August 2000, The Matrix DVD had sold over three million copies in United States, becoming the best-selling of all time. By November 2003, The Matrix franchise had generated $677 million from VHS and DVD sales, $162 million from the video game Enter the Matrix (2003), $37 million from The Matrix Reloaded: The Album soundtrack sales, and $3.5 mill...


    1. The Art of the Matrix by various (Newmarket Press, 2000) ISBN 978-1557044051 2. The Matrix Shooting Script by Larry and Andy Wachowski (with introduction by William Gibson) (Newmarket Press, 2001) ISBN 978-1557044907 3. The Matrix Comics, Vol. 1 by various (Burlyman Entertainment, 2003) ISBN 1-932700-00-5 4. The Matrix Comics, Vol. 2 by various (Burlyman Entertainment, 2004) ISBN 1-932700-09-9 5. Enter the Matrix: Official Strategy Guide by Doug Walsh (BradyGames, 2003) ISBN 978-0744002713...


    1. Jacking In to the Matrix Franchise: Cultural Reception and Interpretation by Matthew Kapell and William G. Doty (Continuum International, 2004) ISBN 0-8264-1587-3 2. Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in "The Matrix" by Glenn Yeffeth (Summersdale, 2003) ISBN 1-84024-377-5 3. Matrix Warrior: Being the One by Jake Horsley (Gollancz, 2003) ISBN 0-575-07527-9 4. The "Matrix" and Philosophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real by William Irwin (Open Court, 2002) ISBN 0-8126-950...

  4. 14/06/2022 · In the late 1980s, Scott wanted to direct Jim Uhls 's sci-fi action thriller The Train for Carolco. However, Scott left the project to direct Thelma and Louise and Joel Silver bought the rights and rewritten by Steven E. de Souza and retitled the project as Isobar and The ISOBAR Run. However, it was cancelled due to Carolco's bankruptcy. 1990s

  5. 10/06/2022 · Avengers: Endgame. Avengers: Endgame ist ein von Marvel Studios produzierter US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction - Actionfilm, der in Teilen auch Eigenschaften eines Filmdramas und Heist-Movies aufweist. Der Film kam am 24. April 2019 in die deutschsprachigen und zwei Tage später in die US-Kinos. [3] Es handelt sich um den 22.

  6. 18/06/2022 · Joel Silver (born 1952), film and television producer, the Matrix Trilogy, the Lethal Weapon movies, Die Hard, Predator (South Orange) Bill Simon (born 1951), businessman, California politician (Neptune Township) Jimmi Simpson (born 1975), actor, House of Cards, Westworld, Date Night (Hackettstown)