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    Johann Eck was born Johann Maier at Eck (later Egg, near Memmingen, Swabia) and derived his additional surname from his birthplace, which he himself, after 1523, always modified into Eckius or Eccius, i.e. "of Eck".

  2. Cuando Johann Eck retó a Carlstadt, un amigo de Lutero, a un debate en Leipzig, Lutero se sumó a este debate (27 de junio–18 de julio de 1519), en el curso del cual negó el derecho divino del solio papal y la autoridad de poseer el "poder de las llaves", que según él había sido otorgado a la Iglesia (como congregación de fe).

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  4. Another prominent opponent of the Theses was Johann Eck, Luther's friend and a theologian at the University of Ingolstadt. Eck wrote a refutation, intended for the Bishop of Eichstätt, entitled the Obelisks. This was in reference to the obelisks used to mark heretical passages in texts in the Middle Ages.

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