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  1. John Claudius Loudon ( Cambuslang, Escocia, 8 de abril de 1783 - Bayswater, Londres, 14 de diciembre de 1843) fue un botánico y arquitecto paisajista escocés . Índice 1 Biografía 2 Obras 3 Diseños destacados 4 Referencias 4.1 Fuente 5 Literatura 6 Notas 7 Enlaces externos Biografía

  2. For the Dutch politician, see John Loudon (politician). John Claudius Loudon (8 April 1783 – 14 December 1843) was a Scottish botanist, garden designer and author. [1] He was the first to use the term arboretum in writing to refer to a garden of plants, especially trees, collected for the purpose of scientific study. [2]

    • University of Edinburgh
    • Scottish
    • 14 December 1843 (aged 60), 3 Porchester Terrace, London, England
    • 8 April 1783, Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, Scotland
    • Louise Wickham Looks at His Work and Contribution to The British Garden.
    • His First Commissions
    • His Legacy

    When Loudon was born in 1783, the Landscape movement was at its height, for those who had the land and the wealth to afford it. In contrast, most of the population in England who had access to a garden, carried on gardening in a formal style that had changed little since the 17th century, with a predominance of flowers. In his early career, Loudon ...

    In 1804, Loudon travelled back to Scotland to undertake a commission from the Earl of Mansfield for alterations to the gardens at Scone Palace. He also designed the landscape at Barnbarroch in Wigtonshire between 1805 and 1807, parts of the landscape at Llanarth in 1805, and was at Tan-yr-Allt in 1806. He laid out the pleasure grounds at Ditchley b...

    Today there are only a few surviving gardens designed by Loudon in their original form. However his main contribution was that he truly took gardening to the masses. ‘He made (garden) owners realise what was possible – what they might aspire to and how it might be achieved’. His predecessors had largely confined their attention to large estates, bu...

  3. John Claudius Loudon, (born April 8, 1783, Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, Scot.—died Dec. 14, 1843, London), Scottish landscape gardener and architect. Loudon was the most influential horticultural journalist of his time, and his writings helped shape Victorian taste in gardens, public parks, and domestic architecture.

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    John Claudius Loudon (April 8, 1783–December 14, 1843) was a Scottish botanist, landscape architect, cemetery designer, and author, as well as the most influential horticultural journalist of his time. Through an extraordinarily prolific publishing career, Loudon raised popular knowledge of and interest in botany, horticulture, and agriculture whil...

    As a young man, Loudon worked part-time for nurserymen and landscape gardeners near Edinburgh while pursuing the study of animal husbandry, gardening, and agriculture. On moving to London in 1803, he swiftly established his authority as a practitioner and theorist of landscape gardening and even dabbled in landscape painting, exhibiting five works ...

    An Encyclopaedia of Gardening, 4th ed.

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    An Encyclopaedia of Gardening, new ed., improved and enlarged

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    The Suburban Gardener

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  4. 02/12/2018 · The Abbey Cemetery was not completed until the year after his death. His design for the Southampton Cemetery (now known as Southampton Old Cemetery) was altered and the cemetery finally opened in 1846. John Claudius Loudon died on 14 December 1843, and was survived by his wife, Jane, and their daughter, Agnes.

  5. John Claudius Loudon (* 8 de abril de 1783 en Cambuslang, Escocia - † 14 de diciembre de 1843 en Bayswater, Londres) fue un botánico y arquitecto paisajista escocés. Contenido 1 Biografía