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  1. John D. MacDonald bibliography 1 (Novels) John D. MacDonald bibliography 2 (Short Stories) at HARD-BOILED site (Comprehensive Bibliographies by Vladimir) "John D. MacDonald Before Travis McGee, The Travis McGee series made John D. MacDonald famous, but the books he churned out earlier were darker—and better."

  2. 06/05/2022 · Back when I was a thirteen-year-old regular at my local used bookstore I discovered the novels of John D. MacDonald, those beat-up little paperbacks with lurid covers and great titles. Over the years I’ve grown to love MacDonald’s standalone thrillers, some of which are true pulp classics, but as a young bookworm I was obsessed […]

  3. 14/09/2022 · And there'd be nothing you could do about it - apart from watching your daylight be robbed from right under your nose. Shady - in so many ways. And so yesterday, Christchurch city councillors had to decide whether they would agree to enforce this policy - or not. Ten voted "no" - or, as Cr Melanie Coker put it, they flipped the bird at the ...

  4. 22/09/2022 · Nanaia Mahuta won’t say it - so I’m going to say it for her. All this noise about her husband getting government contracts wouldn't be happening if she was

  5. Amy Elizabeth Macdonald (IPA: [ˈeɪmi ɪˈlɪzəbəθ məkˈdɒnəld]; Bishopbriggs, 25 agosto 1987) è una cantautrice britannica. Scozzese di Glasgow , si fece conoscere dal pubblico internazionale nel 2008 grazie al singolo This Is the Life , tratto dall' omonimo album in studio d'esordio.