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  1. 4 de abr. de 2024 · John D. Rockefeller (born July 8, 1839, Richford, New York, U.S.—died May 23, 1937, Ormond Beach, Florida) was an American industrialist and philanthropist, founder of the Standard Oil Company, which dominated the oil industry and was the first great U.S. business trust. He is the major historical figure behind the famed ...

    • William Rockefeller

      William Rockefeller (born May 31, 1841, Richford, N.Y.,...

    • Raj Rajaratnam

      Raj Rajaratnam (born June 15, 1957, Colombo, Ceylon [now Sri...

    • IDA Tarbell

      Ida Tarbell (born November 5, 1857, Erie county,...

  2. 28 de mar. de 2024 · John D. Rockefeller, Sr., the patriarch, made the family fortune through the oil business and became the world’s first billionaire (1916). Although Rockefeller was born (1839) to a family of modest means, he managed to save money and embark on several enterprises as an adult.

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    • John D. Rockefeller2
    • John D. Rockefeller3
    • John D. Rockefeller4
    • John D. Rockefeller5
  3. Hace 6 días · In this video, we explore the incredible journey of John D. Rockefeller, from his humble childhood to becoming the richest man in the world. Follow his transformative advice for success in...

    • 15 min
    • Leo Sterling
  4. Hace 3 días · The Manhattan site was ultimately chosen over Philadelphia after John D. Rockefeller Jr., offered to donate $8.5 million to purchase the land along the East River. Robert Moses and Rockefeller Sr. convinced Nelson Rockefeller to buy the land after the Rockefellers' Kykuit estate in Mount Pleasant, New York, was deemed too isolated from Manhattan.

    • September 14, 1948;, 75 years ago
    • Modern architecture
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  5. 26 de mar. de 2024 · Rockefeller Archive Center Research Reports are created by recipients of research travel stipends and by many others who have conducted research at the RAC. The reports demonstrate the breadth of the RAC's archival holdings, particularly in the study of philanthropy and its effects. Read more about the history of philanthropy at Also, see the RAC Bibliography of ...

  6. Hace 4 días · The crowd watched eagerly as John D. Rockefeller Jr. marked the ceremonial completion of the Art Deco complex’s construction. Rockefeller, with some assistance, wielded a 60-pound pneumatic ...

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