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  1. Información profesional. Ocupación. colono tabaquero. [editar datos en Wikidata] John Rolfe(1585–1622) fue un colono inglés en Norteamérica, conocido por su matrimonio con Pocahontas, la hija del jefe de las tribus amerindias powhatan. Después de contraer matrimonio con Pocahontas, John Rolfe y ella tuvieron un hijo llamado Thomas Rolfe.

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    16/12/2009 · John Rolfe’s Marriage to Pocahontas Death of Pocahontas and Aftermath John Rolfe (1585-1622) was an early settler of North America known for being the first person to cultivate tobacco in...

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    John Rolfe (1585 – March 1622) was one of the early English settlers of North America. He is credited with the first successful cultivation of tobacco as an export crop in the Colony of Virginia in 1611. Contents 1 Biography , 1.1 Sailing with Third Supply to Virginia 1.2 Orinoco tobacco: a cash crop 1.3 Pocahontas

    • Agriculturalist, colonist
    • Bermuda Rolfe (1609–1610), Thomas Rolfe (1615–1680), Elizabeth Rolfe (1620–1635)
  4. John Rolfe, (baptized May 6, 1585, Norfolk, England—died 1622?, Virginia [U.S.]), Virginia planter and colonial official who was the husband of Pocahontas, daughter of the Indian chief Powhatan. John Rolfe sailed for Virginia in 1609, but a shipwreck in the Bermudas delayed his arrival until the following year.

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    Both versions agree, however, that Rolfe was the "father of tobacco" in the Virginia colonies. There were two types of tobacco that grew naturally in the Americas, Nicotiana rustica (growing mainly in the north) and Nicotiana tabacum (appearing primarily in the south). Christopher Columbus (l. 1451-1506 CE) claimed the West Indies and parts of Sout...

    John Rolfe was born the same year Raleigh brought tobacco to the English court. He was the son of John and Dorothea (nee Mason) Rolfe, and his father was, possibly, a merchant. Little is known of Rolfe’s early life except that, by 1608/1609 CE, he was married (possibly to one Sarah Hacker though this seems speculative, his wife's name does not appe...

    When they arrived, they found the colony in complete disarray. Sir Thomas Gates declared the colony a failure and ordered the survivors to pack up and prepare to return to England. As they were making their way downriver, however, they were met by another ship carrying the nobleman Thomas West, Lord De La Warr (l. 1577-1622 CE) who ordered them abo...

    Lord De La Warr had fallen ill in 1611 CE and installed Sir Samuel Argall (l. c. 1580-1626 CE) with full authority. Argall continued De La Warr’s policies with the Powhatans, and hostilities continued. The Powhatans had taken a number of colonists prisoner and Argall found no means of retrieving them until he learned that the daughter of Chief Wahu...

    The Virginia Company, finally seeing a handsome return for its investors, wanted to encourage even more. The company had won support for its charter in 1607 CE by claiming that the salvation of Native American souls was one of its primary goals and now, in Pocahontas, they had a shining example of their success. Rolfe and his family were invited to...

    The peace established by Rolfe’s marriage to Pocahontas still held and Argall reported that Chief Wahunsenacah, while lamenting his daughter’s death, was relieved her son still lived and so kept the peace in his honor. Tomocomo had made his report to the Powhatan chief and the elders, denouncing the English and warning they were not to be trusted. ...

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  5. 04/09/2022 · John Rolfe stepped into history in May 1609 when he boarded the Sea Venture, bound for Virginia. The Virginia Company, founded by investors, had financed and sponsored the English colony founded at Jamestown in May 1607. The Company expected the colonist to start industrial enterprises in Virginia that would return profits to the Company.

  6. 25/09/2018 · John Rolfe (1585–1622) was a British colonist of the Americas. He was an important figure in Virginia politics and an entrepreneur who played a significant role in founding the Virginia tobacco trade. However, he is best known as the man who married Pocahontas, the daughter of Powhatan, head of the Powhatan confederacy of Algonquin tribes.

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