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    30/09/2022 · It appears your browser is using an ad blocker. In addition to blocking ads, this software affects our ability to properly detect your location, which we must do before allowing access to video content.

  2. American actor, director, and producer John Wayne (1907–1979) began working on films as an extra, prop man and stuntman, mainly for the Fox Film Corporation. He frequently worked in minor roles with director John Ford and when Raoul Walsh suggested him for the lead in The Big Trail (1930), an epic Western shot in an early widescreen process called Fox Grandeur , Ford vouched for him.

  3. Tombs of Presidents John Adams (far left) and John Quincy Adams (right) and their wives Abigail and Louisa, in a family crypt beneath the United First Parish Church. Some sources contend that in 1843 Adams sat for the earliest confirmed photograph of a United States president, although others maintain that William Henry Harrison had posed even earlier for his portrait, in 1841. [239]

  4. John Wayne, właśc.Marion Robert Morrison (ur.26 maja 1907 w Winterset, zm. 11 czerwca 1979 w Los Angeles) – amerykański aktor, reżyser i producent filmowy, który zdobył popularność głównie dzięki rolom w westernach, jedna z największych legend Hollywood.

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    madrano, brian (h/ male / dob: 2/16/2000 )