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  1. The Church of the East ( Classical Syriac: ܥܕܬܐ ܕܡܕܢܚܐ‎, romanized: ʿĒḏtā d-Maḏenḥā) or the Church of Seleucia-Ctesiphon, [11] [12] also called the Assyrian Church [13] [14] or the Nestorian Church, [note 3] was an Eastern Christian church of the East Syriac Rite, based in Mesopotamia.

  2. The Ancient Church of the East is an Eastern Christian denomination. It branched from the Assyrian Church of the East in 1964, under the leadership of mar Thoma Darmo (d. 1969). It is one of several Assyrian churches that claim continuity with the historical Church of the East (the ancient Patriarchal Province of Seleucia-Ctesiphon ).

    • 70,000 in 1968; approx. 75 000, of which 45 000 in Iraq and 20 000 in India (1999)
    • Baghdad, Iraq
    • Overview
    • Tang dynasty
    • Yuan dynasty
    • Modern China (20th century-present)

    After centuries of latency, the 21st century marked a historical moment between the Assyrian Church of the East and the Church in China, when the Liturgy of Addai and Mari was celebrated.

    Two possibly Church of the East monks were preaching Christianity in India in the 6th century before they smuggled silkworm eggs from China to the Eastern Roman Empire. The Daqin Pagoda, part of what some believe to have been an early church in what was then Chang'an, now Xi'an,

    In 845, a decree issued by Emperor Wuzong demanded that foreign religions like Christianity be cast out of the kingdom. The decree required that Christians be forced to return to laity and become taxpayers. The decree had tremendously negative effects on the Christian community a

    Dozens of Jingjiao texts were translated from Syriac into Chinese. Only a few have survived. These are generally referred to as the Chinese Jingjiao Documents. One of the surviving texts, the Zunjing or Book of Praise, lists about 35 books that had been translated into Chinese. A

    The Mongols called Church of the East Christians Arka′un or Erke′un, which was later applied for Christians in general whereby Christianity was named in Chinese as 也里可溫教. However, there is a suggestion that the term Yělǐkěwēn jiào might be used also for Míng jiào and some other religions in Jiangnan.

    In 1998, the Assyrian Church of the East sent then-Bishop Mar Gewargis to China. A later visit to Hong Kong led the Assyrian Church to state that: "after 600 years The Eucharistic Liturgy, according to the anaphora of Mar Addai & Mari was celebrated at the Lutheran Theological Seminary chapel on Wednesday evening, October 6, 2010." This visit was f...

  3. The Ancient Church of the East is an Assyrian church. The church separated from the Assyrian Church of the East. This happened because Mar Shimun XXIII, the patriarch of Assyrian Church of the East introduced reforms which were not supported. These reforms included changes such as those of using the new Roman calendar rather than the old calendar.

  4. Saint Mary Church: an ancient Assyrian church located in the city of Urmia, West Azerbaijan province, Iran. The Assyrian Church of the East is governed by an episcopal polity, the same as other apostolic churches. The church maintains a system of geographical parishes organized into dioceses and archdioceses.

  5. 12. Shem ʿ on bar Sabba ʿ e ( Simeon Barsabae) (coadjutor 317–336, Catholicos from 337–341 AD) 13. Shahdost (Shalidoste) (341–343 AD) [13] 14. Barba ʿ shmin ( Barbashmin) (343–346 AD). The apostolic see of Edessa is completely abandoned in 345 AD due to persecutions against the Church of the East. 15.