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    5 is the only prime number to end in the digit 5 in decimal because all other numbers written with a 5 in the ones place are multiples of five, which makes it a 1-automorphic number. All multiples of 5 will end in either 5 or 0 , and vulgar fractions with 5 or 2 in the denominator do not yield infinite decimal expansions because they are prime factors of 10 , the base.

  2. La denominación 5 para este año ha sido usado desde principios del período medieval, cuando la era A. D. se convirtió en el método prevalente en Europa para nombrar a los años. Acontecimientos. El emperador Ru Zi Ying asciende al trono de China. Roma reconoce a Cymbeline, rey de los Catuvellauni como rey de Britania.

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    2 de oct. de 2022 · 5 (prev 4, next 6) The cardinal number five. A digit in the decimal system of numbering, as well as octal, and hexadecimal. Alternative forms . The following are equivalent forms as digits:

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