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  1. 1745 ( MDCCXLV) fue un año común comenzado en viernes según el calendario gregoriano . Índice 1 Acontecimientos 2 Nacimientos 3 Fallecimientos 4 Enlaces externos Acontecimientos [ editar] 1 de abril: La emperatriz María Teresa I de Austria decreta la expulsión de los judíos de Praga.

  2. La rebelión jacobita de 1745 o el 45, fue un intento fallido por parte de Carlos Eduardo Estuardo, también conocido como Bonnie Prince Charlie o El Joven Pretendiente, con la intención de recuperar el trono británico para la Casa de Estuardo. Fue la última de una serie de rebeliones que habían comenzado en 1689 y entre las que se contaron las de 1708, 1715 y 1719.

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    • Events
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    1. January 7 – War of the Austrian Succession: The Austrian Army, under the command of Field Marshal Károly József Batthyány, makes a surprise attack at Amberg and the winter quarters of the Bavarian Army, and scatters the Bavarian defending troops, then captures the Bavarian capital at Munich 2. January 8 – The Quadruple Alliance treaty is signed at Warsawby Great Britain, Austria, the Dutch Republic and the Duchy of Saxony. 3. January 20 – Less than two weeks after the disastrous Battle of...


    1. April 4 – (March 24, old style); Under the command of British Army General William Pepperrell, the first 4,300 American colonists in the New England Army depart Boston to liberate the French North American colony of Nova Scotia. The flotilla of 80 military transports and 18 armed escorts is scattered by a storm, but the first troops disembark at Canso, Nova Scotia, on April 15 and begin training while waiting for the arrival of the Royal Navy squadron commanded by Admiral Peter Warren 2. A...


    1. July 9 – War of the Austrian Succession – Battle of Melle: The French are victorious in an engagement against the Pragmatic Allies. 2. July 15 – French army occupies Ghent after Fall of Ghent 3. August 6 (July 26 Old Style) – The first recorded women's cricket match takes place in Surrey, England. 4. August 19 – The Jacobite rising of 1745 begins at Glenfinnan, Scotland, where Charles Edward Stuartraises his standard. 5. September 1 – Catherine the Great marries Peter III of Russia, in Sai...

    c. January – Isaac Titsingh, Dutch scholar, merchant-trader and ambassador (d. 1812)
    January 1 – Anthony Wayne, United States Army officer, statesman and member of the United States House of Representatives (d. 1796)
    January 6 – Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier, French inventor (d. 1799)
    January 7 – Johan Christian Fabricius, Danish zoologist (d. 1808)
    January 16 – Josiah Franklin, English-born American businessman, father of Benjamin Franklin (b. 1657)
    January 20 – Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 1697)
    February 23 – Joseph Effner, German architect (b. 1687)
    February 26 – Henry Scudamore, 3rd Duke of Beaufort, English nobleman (b. 1707)
    • Background
    • Post-1715; Jacobitism in The British Isles
    • Charles in Scotland
    • Invasion of England
    • Road to Culloden
    • Aftermath
    • Legacy
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    The 1688 Glorious Revolution replaced James II with his Protestant daughter Mary and her Dutch husband William, who ruled as joint monarchs of England, Ireland and Scotland. Neither Mary, who died in 1694, nor her sister Anne, had surviving children, which left their Catholic half-brother James Francis Edward as the closest natural heir. The 1701 A...

    Although Jacobitism remained a significant political movement in 1745, its internal divisions became increasingly apparent during the Rising; historian Frank McLynn identifies seven primary drivers, with Stuart loyalism the least important. Charles himself had little knowledge of the kingdoms he hoped to regain, while many of his senior advisors we...

    Under the 1743 Treaty of Fontainebleau, or Pacte de Famille, Louis XV and his uncle, Philip V of Spain, agreed to co-operate in taking a number of measures against Britain, including an attempted restoration of the Stuarts. In November 1743, Louis advised James the invasion was planned for February 1744 and began assembling 12,000 troops and transp...

    Murray divided the army into two columns to conceal their destination from General George Wade, government commander in Newcastle, and entered England on 8 November unopposed. On 10th, they reached Carlisle, an important border fortress before the 1707 Union but whose defences were now in poor condition, held by a garrison of 80 elderly veterans. H...

    The invasion itself achieved little, but reaching Derby and returning was a considerable military achievement. Morale was high, while reinforcements from Aberdeenshire and Banffshire under Lewis Gordon along with Scottish and Irish regulars in French service brought Jacobite strength to over 8,000. French-supplied artillery was used to besiege Stir...

    After Culloden, government forces spent several weeks searching for rebels, confiscating cattle and burning non-juring Episcopalian and Catholic meeting houses. The brutality of these measures was partly driven by a widespread perception on both sides that another landing was imminent.Regular soldiers in French service were treated as prisoners of ...

    Writing in the mid-20th century, Scottish historian Winifred Duke claimed "...the accepted idea of the Forty-Five in the minds of most people is a hazy and picturesque combination of a picnic and a crusade ... in cold reality, Charles was unwanted and unwelcomed." Modern commentators argue the focus on "Bonnie Prince Charlie" obscures the fact that...

    • 19 August 1745 – 20 April 1746
    • Government victory, End of Jacobitism as a significant political force
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    1745 n'otros calendarios; Calendariu gregorianu: 1745 MDCCXLV: Ab urbe condita: 2498 Calendariu armeniu: 1194 Calendariu chinu: 4441 – 4442 Calendariu hebréu: 5505 ...

  5. 1745 was a common year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar . Events [ change | change source] June 4 – Frederick the Great destroys the Austrian army at the Battle of Hohenfriedberg. August 21 – Catherine the Great marries Peter III of Russia in Saint Petersburg. September 12 – Francis I is elected Holy Roman Emperor. Births

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    1745 is a 2017 British short drama film directed by Gordon Napier and co-produced by director himself with John McKay. The film stars Moyo Akandé and Morayo Akandé with Clive Russell, Buki Adenipikun, and Emmanuel Njoku in supporting roles.

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