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  1. Ansbach in the 17th century Caroline was born on 1 March 1683 at Ansbach, the daughter of John Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach, and his second wife, Princess Eleonore Erdmuthe of Saxe-Eisenach. [2] [3] Her father was the ruler of one of the smallest German states; he died of smallpox at the age of 32, when Caroline was three years old.

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    Caroline of Ansbach was born in Ansbach in Germany, the daughter of Johann Friedrich, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach, and his second wife, Princess Eleanor Erdmuthe Louise of Saxe-Eisenach. Orphaned at an early age, Caroline grew up an intelligent, cultured and attractive woman, and was much sought-after as a bride.

    She turned down the King of Spain because it would cause her to renounce the Protestant faith. Shortly after she met the son of the elector of HanoverThey married in 1705. Over the next 30 years they had nine children.

    George I of Great Britain died 11 June 1727. George Augustus ascended the throne as George II of Great Britain. Caroline held George on a string. When the Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole met with the Kinghe and Caroline had signs to communicate with each other. George never noticed. Both the King and Queen truly disliked their eldest son Frederic...

    Caroline alongside Prince Albert, and Mary of Modena is regarded one of the most powerful British consorts in History.

    Weir, Alison (2008). Britain's Royal Families, The Complete Genealogy. London: Vintage Books. ISBN 978-0-09-953973-5.

  2. Carolina de Brandeburgo-Ansbach - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Carolina de Brandeburgo-Ansbach Carolina de Brandeburgo-Ansbach ( Ansbach, 1 de marzo de 1683 - Londres, 20 de noviembre de 1737 ), reina consorte de Jorge II de Gran Bretaña desde 1727 hasta su muerte en 1737. Índice 1 Biografía 1.1 Princesa de Gales

    • Guillermina Carolina Carlota
    • Jorge de Dinamarca (Como Príncipe Consorte)
  3. John Frederick, Margrave o Brandenburg-Ansbach. Mither. Princess Eleonore Erdmuthe o Saxe-Eisenach. Wilhelmina Charlotte Caroline o Brandenburg-Ansbach (1 Mairch 1683 – 20 November 1737 ), commonly kent as Caroline o Ansbach, wis Queen o Great Breetain as the wife o Keeng George II .

  4. Caroline of Ansbach Caroline was born on March 1 , 1683 , at Ansbach in Germany , the daughter of Johann Friedrich Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach . Orphaned early on, she grew up an intelligent, cultured and attractive woman, much sought after as a bride.

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