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  1. The County of Waldeck (later the Principality of Waldeck and Principality of Waldeck and Pyrmont) was a state of the Holy Roman Empire and its successors from the late 12th century until 1929. In 1349 the county gained Imperial immediacy and in 1712 was raised to the rank of principality .

  2. Waldeck (o posteriormente Waldeck y Pyrmont) fue un principado soberano del Imperio alemán y, hasta 1929, un Estado constituyente de la República de Weimar. Comprendía territorios que hoy pertenecen a los estados federados de Hesse y Baja Sajonia ( Alemania ).

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    Waldeck, Thuringia, a small municipality in Thuringia, Germany. Waldeck-Eisenberg, a medieval principality of the Holy Roman Empire. Waldeck-Frankenberg, a Kreis (district) in the north of Hesse, Germany. Waldeck Castle (Hunsrück), a medieval fortress/castle in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

  4. El término Waldeck puede referirse a: Lugares. Waldeck, una ciudad en el estado de Hesse, Alemania; Waldeck, una ciudad en el estado de Turingia, Alemania; Waldeck-Frankenberg, un distrito del estado de Hesse, Alemania; Waldeck, una localidad en la provincia de Nueva Escocia, Canadá;

  5. The Free State of Waldeck-Pyrmont ( German: Freistaat Waldeck-Pyrmont ), later the Free State of Waldeck ( Freistaat Waldeck ), was a constituent state of the Weimar Republic. It was created following the German Revolution which forced Prince Friedrich of Waldeck and Pyrmont along with the other German monarchs to abdicate.

    • Interwar period
  6. Waldeck, a former Kreis (administrative district) and state of Germany, between Westphalia and Hesse-Nassau. For centuries a principality and from November 1918 to March 1929 a republic and constituent state of the Weimar Republic, it was on April 1, 1929, amalgamated with Prussia at the request