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  1. During her husband's reign, Barbara was to preside over magnificent parties and concerts at her favorite retreat, the Royal Palace of Aranjuez.However, in contrast to her predecessor as queen, Barbara did not like to flaunt her influence over her spouse and the government policy, and she made a moderately positive impression upon the public.

  2. Maria Benedita of Braganza (Maria Francisca Benedita Ana Isabel Antónia Lourença Inácia Teresa Gertrudes Rita Rosa; 25 July 1746 – 18 August 1829) was a Portuguese infanta and the youngest daughter of King Joseph I of Portugal and his wife Mariana Victoria of Spain.

  3. María de las Mercedes (1880-1904), princesse des Asturies, chef d’État intérimaire du royaume d’Espagne (de 1885 à 1886) Alphonse XIII (1886-1941), roi d'Espagne (de 1886 à 1931), prétendant alphonsiste au trône (de 1931 à 1941) et carliste (de 1936 à 1941), lorsqu'il renonce en faveur de son troisième fils Juan de Bourbon

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  5. 10 years has passed since a fire broke out in Paris, leaving only a mask behind - As the love story continues in Coney Island, NY, The Phantom's undying love has grown for the soprano singer, Christine Daae.

  6. 08/08/2022 · Background []. The majority of Filipino surnames are of Spanish origin, but with the exception of the "n" with tilde (ñ), all have the accents in the original Spanish removed since the American colonial era, that forms like García, de León, Concepción, Guzmán, Chávez, Beltrán and Ibáñez became the contemporary Garcia, de Leon, Concepcion, Guzman, Chavez, Beltran and Ibañez, respectively.

  7. Benjamin P Woodall · Amabel M Orogo · Rita H Najor · Melissa Q Cortez · Eileen R Moreno · Hongxia Wang · Ajit S Divakaruni · Anne N Murphy · Åsa B Gustafsson: Induction of α cell-restricted Gc in dedifferentiating β cells contributes to stress-induced β-cell dysfunction.