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  1. Juliette Drouet, nacida Julienne Josephine Gauvain (Fougères, 10 de abril de 1806–París, 11 de mayo de 1883), fue una actriz francesa.Abandonó su carrera en el teatro después de convertirse en la amante de Victor Hugo, para quien actuó como secretaria y compañera de viaje.

  2. Juliette Drouet, born Julienne Josephine Gauvain (10 April 1806 – 11 May 1883), was a French actress. She abandoned her career on the stage after becoming the mistress of Victor Hugo, to whom she acted as a secretary and travelling companion.

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    • Mistress of writer Victor Hugo
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    Juliette Drouet naît le 10 avril 1806 et est baptisée le lendemain à l'église Saint-Sulpice de Fougères. Elle est la benjamine d'une famille de quatre enfants, Renée (1800-1885), Thérèse (1802-1814) et Armand (1803-1876). Sa mère, Marie Marchandet, née vers 1780, est fileuse. Son père, Julien Gauvain, né en 1777 à Saint-Étienne-en-Coglès, est un ancien chouan qui exerce depuis la profession de tailleur. Marié en 1799, le couple avait établi un atelier de couture au pied du château de Fougères[3],[4]. Orpheline de mère quelques mois après sa naissance, de père l’année suivante, elle est placée comme son frère et ses deux sœurs en nourrice puis dans un couvent de Fougères, avant d’être élevée par un oncle, René-Henry Drouet, qui s’établit à Paris : elle y suit sa scolarité au pensionnat religieux des chanoinesses de Saint-Augustin à Saint-Mandéde 1816 à 1821. Elle devient, vers 1825, la maîtresse du sculpteur James Pradier, qui la représente peut-être dans la statue symbolisant Strasb...

    Juliette Drouet, Souvenirs 1843-1854, édition établie par Gérard Pouchain, éditions des femmes, 2006.

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    (liste non exhaustive) 1. 1840 ca - Juliette sert de modèle pour la statue de la ville de Strasbourg par James Pradier, place de la Concordeà Paris. 2. 1845 - Juliette est représentée nue sur le piédestal du socle du buste d'Augustin Pyrame de Candolle dans le Jardin botanique de Genève, en Suisse[12] 3. s. d. - Juliette Drouet, lithographie de Alphonse-Léon Noël 4. s. d. - Portrait de Juliette Drouet par Charles-Émile Callande de Champmartin.

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  3. Juliette Drouet. English: Juliette Drouet, born Julienne Gauvain ( Fougères, April 10, 1806 - Paris, 1883) was a French actress and a muse first to sculptor James Pradier, who represented her in a statue symbolizing Strasbourg at the Place de la Concorde in Paris, later to Victor Hugo, whom she dedicated the rest of her life.

    • A Tumultuous Relationship
    • on Stage, in The Audience, and Excluded from The Theater
    • Juliette’s Life in Exile
    • A Return to Paris
    • An Influential Mistress

    I don’t know how many of Juliette’s letters I’ve read at this point but the number is in the hundreds. Despite considerable effort, it was a challenge to find samples of her writing that portray the woman in a flattering light. A handful of themes repeat themselves ad nauseam and I categorize them as follows. 1. Elated by a recent visit by Hugo, Juliette exudes joy and gratitude to have been graced by his presence. 2. Juliette expresses her admiration of Hugo and/or his latest work, heralding his genius. 3. Suspicious of Hugo’s absence or rumors of an affair, Juliette decries Hugo’s infidelity and the pain he continually inflicts upon her. 4. Juliette belittles her self worth while honoring Hugo’s brilliance. She can only repay him with her unyielding devotion. 5. After a heated quarrel, Juliette threatens to put an end to the relationship since both parties have hurled unthinkable insults at each other and will be better off without the other. 6. Juliette begs Hugo to allow her to...

    Juliette met Victor Hugo in 1833, at the age of 27. A striking beauty yet lackluster actress, she had landed a part in Hugo’s play Lucrece Borgia. The young playwright was smitten and soon set his sights on Juliette, sweeping her off her feet. Shortly thereafter, Hugo installed her in an apartment where the two could meet in secret. Worried that her beauty would attract more attentive suitors, he insisted that she not go out unless he was with her. Sequestered in her Parisian flat, Juliette fretted her days away. Her acting career, which had never been stellar, slowly disintegrated into stardust. Not surprisingly, Juliette was extremely jealous of Hugo’s leading ladies, some of which he was known to have slept with. Hugo promised to write parts for her and indeed he occasionally did so. Unfortunately, he was neither director nor casting agent and Juliette was always replaced with another actress. Her letters demonstrate the depth of her heartbreak and disillusionment when an eagerly...

    In my previous post, introducing Juliette Drouet and Victor Hugo’s love affair, I described Juliette’s efforts to organize Hugo’s perilous escape to Brussels in 1851. After heavily criticizing Napoleon III and attempting to join a coup to overthrow the new emperor, Hugo found his life was in danger and he needed to flee into exile. Juliette arranged for false identity papers, a disguise, and a series of safe houses where Hugo could hideout as he made his way to Belgium. As I mentioned, she also looked after his precious manuscripts and personally delivered them to him after he had settled in Brussels. A few months before their flight, Juliette learned of another of Hugo’s torrid affairs. Hugo had been seeing the actress Léonie Biard who upon learning of his commitment to Juliette, had begged Hugo to dump her. When he refused, Biard gathered up all of the love letters that she’d received from Hugo and delivered them to Juliette. Not for the first time, Juliette was enraged by Hugo’s...

    In 1870, Victor Hugo ended his days of exile and returned to France. His wife Adèle had died in 1868 and in 1873, forty years after they’d met, he and Juliette settled into the same apartment in Paris. Juliette continued to work as feverishly as ever, still copying manuscripts and now taking full responsibility for managing Hugo’s home. Hugo was then 71 and you might think that is libido had settled somewhat. In September of that same year, however, Juliette discovered a love letter to him, written by one of their domestic employees. To make matters worse, the young woman, Blanche Lanvin, was the daughter of close friends. Perhaps habituated to his betrayals, Juliette resigned herself to Hugo’s unrestrainable flings and carried on with life as the affair proceeded for the next five years behind her back. In October 1873 she penned this rather eloquent screed: In the final years of her life, Juliette took great pleasure in welcoming Hugo’s grandchildren into her home. I’ve sadly not...

    It’s evident that Juliette meant far more to Victor Hugo than his other vassals of amusement. While not alone in the role, she was a lifelong partner that he heavily relied upon. Historians, psychologists, students of literature, and doctoral candidates of many stripes will undoubtedly be combing through both lovers’ archives for decades. There they are bound to uncover many more examples of Juliette’s contributions to Hugo’s life’s work. One astute researcher recently revealed a link between Hugo’s poem Paroles dans l’ombre and words from a letter that Juliette had composed to him. In Juliette’s version, she complains to Hugo about his inattentiveness during a visit on the previous evening: Hugo’s poem which bears a striking resemblance to the letter: So concludes my brief look into the life of Juliette Drouet. I leave it to others to sort through her prolific output and match it to the mountains of correspondence and classical masterpieces that her dominating lover produced. My ho...

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    04/01/2015 · Juliette Drouet, de son vrai nom Julienne Gauvain (Fougères, 1806 - Paris, 1883) est passée à la postérité pour avoir été la maîtresse de Victor Hugo pendant près de 50 ans. Orpheline de mère quelques mois après sa naissance, de père l'année suivante, elle fut élevée par son oncle, René Drouet.

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  5. Juliette Drouet, la maîtresse que Victor Hugo séquestra ! Une histoire d’amour et de soumission. Dans ses 22.000 lettres, il était son Toto, elle était sa Juju. Au quotidien, il était surtout un narcissique absent et elle, sa victime consentante. Retour sur Juliette Drouet, la plus dévouée des maîtresses de Victor Hugo.

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