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  1. A prominent example is 1 Ceres, the largest asteroid, which is an interloper in the family once named after it (the Ceres family, now the Gefion family). Spectral characteristics can also be used to determine the membership (or otherwise) of asteroids in the outer regions of a family, as has been used e.g. for the Vesta family , whose members have an unusual composition.

  2. Family. Zeus gave the hand of the Muse Erato to Malos. The pair had a daughter Cleophema, who married Phlegyas, the king of Lapiths. Their daughter was called Aegle, otherwise known as Coronis. In some other accounts, her father was Azan, king of Arcadia. Mythology Lover of Apollo

  3. La masa de Ida está entre 3,65 y 4,99 × 10 16 kg. [13] Su campo gravitatorio produce una aceleración de entre 0,3 y 1,1 cm/s² en la superficie. [14] Este campo es tan débil que un astronauta sobre la superficie podría ir de un extremo de Ida al otro de un salto y un objeto que se eleve a más de 20 m/s podría escapar del asteroide.

  4. Lucasfilm Games, anciennement nommé "LucasArts Entertainment Company", est une société nord-américaine de développement et d'édition de jeux vidéo, filiale de la société de production Lucasfilm, acquise en octobre 2012 par The Walt Disney Company.

  5. La fascia principale degli asteroidi è la regione del sistema solare situata grossomodo tra le orbite di Marte e di Giove. È occupata da numerosi corpi di forma irregolare chiamati asteroidi o pianeti minori.

  6. After emigrating to Greece from Nigeria, Vera and Charles Antetokounmpo struggled to survive and provide for their five children, while living under the daily threat of deportation. Desperate to obtain Greek citizenship but undermined by a system that blocked them at every turn, the family's vision, determination and faith lifted them out of obscurity to launch the careers of three NBA champions.