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  1. Koronis-familien beveger seg i en klynge langs den samme banen. Over 300 har blitt funnet men kun 20 av dem er større enn 20 km i diameter. 28. august 1993 besøkte Galileo-sonden 243 Ida, ett av medlemmene i familien. Noen av de større asteroidene i Koronis-familien

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    Based on a model constructed from the lightcurve, the shape of Koronis resembles that of 243 Ida, an asteroid in the same family, although it is a bit larger. A collision involving 158 Koronis 15 million years ago created a cluster of 246 objects. 158 Koronis itself retained 98.7% of the total mass. These new objects formed the Koronis(2) family.

  3. La familia Koronis o Koronian ( FIN : 605 ), también conocida como la familia Lacrimosa, [1] : 16 es una familia de asteroides muy grande de asteroides pedregosos , ubicada en la región exterior del cinturón de asteroides .

  4. WikiZero Özgür Ansiklopedi - Wikipedia Okumanın En Kolay Yolu . The Koronis or Koronian family (FIN: 605), also known as the Lacrimosa family,: 16 is a very large asteroid family of stony asteroids, located in the outer region of the asteroid belt.

  5. The Koronis family travels in a cluster along the same orbit. It has 5949 members. This family has two subfamilies. The Karin family (FIN: 610) was formed remarkably recently in a catastrophic collision (destroying the parent body), with an estimated age of 5.72 million years. The Koronis(2) family (FIN: 621) with 246 members is the other.

  6. Koronis-familien - Koronis family. fra Wikipedia, den frie encyklopedi. Sammensetning av CGI Koronis-familie-asteroider fra NASA, se Spins on Koronis-asteroider.

  7. Famiglia Koronis - Koronis family Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera Raccolta di asteroidi della famiglia Koronis in CGI dalla NASA, vedere Spins on Koronis asteroids

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    relacionados con: Koronis family wikipedia