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    The word lady is a term for a girl or woman, with various connotations. Once used to describe only women of a high social class or status, ...

  2. In the US, Caroline has been a First Lady name via President Benjamin Harrison. Jane Austen named one of her less pleasant characters in Pride and Prejudice Caroline, and the name was also borne by Lady Caroline Lamb, the mistress of the poet Lord Byron, as well as the mother of the Little House on the Prairie brood.

  3. Cute Lamb Names. Bulky: The name Bulky is a cute name to give to your lamb with plenty of wool covering it. Tasty: If you are keeping your sheep for meat, then the name Tasty will suit it; assuming the lamb will provide tasty meat.

  4. El Período Regencia en el Reino Unido es el período entre 1811 y 1820, cuando el rey Jorge III fue considerado no apto para gobernar y su hijo Jorge IV fue instalado por la Regencia como príncipe.

  5. Lady Ottoline Violet Anne Morrell (16 June 1873 – 21 April 1938) was an English aristocrat and society hostess. Her patronage was influential in artistic and intellectual circles, where she befriended writers including Aldous Huxley , Siegfried Sassoon , T. S. Eliot and D. H. Lawrence , and artists including Mark Gertler , Dora Carrington and Gilbert Spencer .

  6. lady bountifulとも表記される。 【複】 Ladies Bountiful 【語源】 アイルランドの劇作家ジョージ・ファーカー(George Farquhar)(1677~1707年)の劇『伊達男の計略』(The Beaux' Stratagem)の女性主人公の名前から。 〈軽蔑的〉慈善家 {じぜんか} ぶった金持 {かねも} ち女

  7. Ada Lovelace urodziła się 10 grudnia 1815 jako jedyne ślubne dziecko poety lorda Byrona i Annabelli Milbanke, kuzynki lady Caroline Lamb, z którą Byron miał romans będący przyczyną skandalu w ówczesnym Londynie.