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  1. Lady Randolph's sisters believed that the biological father of the second son, John (1880–1947) was Evelyn Boscawen, 7th Viscount Falmouth, although that was mostly discredited due to the boys' striking likeness to Randolph Churchill and to each other. Lady Randolph is believed to have had numerous lovers during her marriage, including the ...

  2. Sir Winston Churchill, son of Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill, and grandson of the 7th Duke of Marlborough, was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom between 26 October 1951–6 April 1955 and 10 May 1940–26 July 1945. In 1908, Churchill married Clementine Hozier, the daughter of Sir Henry and Lady Blanche Hozier.

  3. Randolph Churchill (1849-1895), homme d'État britannique, fils du 7 e duc de Marlborough et père du premier ministre Winston Churchill ; Lady Randolph Churchill, née Jennie Jerome (1854-1921), épouse de Lord Randolph Churchill et mère de Winston Churchill ;

  4. Lord Randolph Churchill's political career was meteoric. In 1886, at age thirty-seven, he was Chancellor of the Exchequer, the youngest to hold the office in over a hundred years. In less than six months, he resigned from the Cabinet over a matter of principle - his insistence on reducing defense spending. He never held high office again.

  5. Người cha của Winston và là một chính khách, Sir Randolph Churchill, là con trai thứ ba của John Spencer-Churchill, Quận công Marlborough thứ bảy; mẹ của Winston là Lady ("Quý bà") Randolph Churchill (tên khai sinh Jennie Jerome), con gái nhà triệu phú Mỹ Leonard Jerome.

  6. Zarówno syn Winstona, Randolph, jak i dwaj wnukowie Winston Churchill i Nicholas Soames, poszli w jego ślady i zasiadali w Izbie Gmin. Córki poślubiły polityków, co pomogło im w karierach. Clementine była córką lady Blanche Ogilvy, drugiej żony Henry’ego Montague Hoziera, córki 7. hrabiego Airly .

  7. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill [ˈwɪnstən ˈtʃɜrtʃɪl] (30. listopadu 1874 zámek Blenheim, Woodstock, Oxfordshire – 24. ledna 1965 Londýn) byl britský politik, státník, premiér Spojeného království v letech 1940–1945 a 1951–1955.