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    The 1010s BC is a decade which lasted from 1019 BC to 1010 BC. Events and trends. 1019 BC - Reign of Shalmaneser II ends, succeeded by his son Ashur-nirari IV. [1] 1013 BC - Ashur-nirari IV is succeeded by his uncle, Ashur-rabi II, who ruled for 41 years, one of the longest reigns of an Assyrian monarch. [2]

  2. The 1000s BC is a decade which lasted from 1009 BC to 1000 BC. Map of the Eastern Hemisphere in 1000 BC.

  3. › wiki › 1010s1010s - Wikipedia

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    1010 1. May 30 – Zhao Zhen, Emperor Renzong of the Song dynasty (d. 1063) 2. Adalbero, bishop of Würzburg(approximate date) 3. Adalbero III of Luxembourg, German nobleman (d. 1072) 4. Akkadevi, princess of the Chalukya dynasty (d. 1064) 5. Anno II, archbishop of Cologne(approximate date) 6. Arialdo, Italian nobleman and deacon(approximate date) 7. ...

    1010 1. February 14 – Fujiwara no Korechika, Japanese nobleman (b. 974) 2. Ælfric of Eynsham, English abbotand scholar (approximate date) 3. Abu'l-Nasr Muhammad, Farighunid ruler (approximate date) 4. Aimoin, French monk and chronicler(approximate date) 5. Aisha, Andalusian poet and writer (approximate date) 6. Cathal mac Conchobar mac Taidg, king ...

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    Events and trends. 1027 BC — Traditional date for the end of the Shang Dynasty in China, and the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty. [1] 1026 BC — Saul the King becomes the first king of the Israelites. c. 1025 BC — Collapse of Mycenaean dominance ends. c. 1020 BC — destruction of Troy.

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    Significant people. References. 1030s BC. The 1030s BC is a decade which lasted from 1039 BC to 1030 BC. Events and trends. 1039 BC — Neferkare Amenemnisu, king of Egypt, dies. c. 1039 BC — End of the Rebellion of the Three Guards in China. King Cheng subdues the hostile kingdom of Yan near the Bohai Sea, the last group opposed to the Zhou dynasty.

  6. This is a list of state leaders in the 11th century BC (1100–1001 BC). Africa: Northeast. Egypt: New Kingdom. Twentieth Dynasty of the New Kingdom ( complete list) –. Ramesses XI, Pharaoh (1107–1077 BC) Egypt: Third Intermediate Period. Twenty-first Dynasty of the Third Intermediate Period ( complete list) –. Smendes, Pharaoh (1077–1051 BC)

  7. Los años 1010 o década del 1010 empezó el 1 de enero del 1010 y terminó el 31 de diciembre del 1019 . Acontecimientos. Benedicto VIII sucede a Sergio IV como papa en el año 1012. Batalla de Assandun. Personas destacadas. Enlaces externos. Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre Años 1010.