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  1. Leslie Louise Van Houten (born August 23, 1949) is an American convicted murderer and former member of the Manson Family. During her time with Manson's group, she was known by various aliases such as Louella Alexandria , Leslie Marie Sankston , Linda Sue Owens and Lulu .

  2. Leslie Louise Van Houten (* 23. August 1949 in Los Angeles , Kalifornien ) ist eine US-amerikanische verurteilte Mörderin und ein ehemaliges Mitglied der Manson Family . Bekannt wurde sie durch ihre Beteiligung an der von Charles Manson beauftragten Ermordung des Unternehmerehepaars Leno und Rosemary LaBianca .

  3. Leslie Van Houten era a mais jovem de todos os envolvidos nos crimes Tate-LaBianca – tinha apenas 19 anos - e a que menos tempo tinha estado sob a influência de Charles Manson. Durante seu julgamento junto com os outros acusados, se esperava que ela recebesse uma pena mais leve que os demais.

  4. 30/03/2022 · California Gov. Gavin Newsom rejected the state's parole board recommendation to release Leslie Van Houten, a former Charles Manson follower and convicted murderer, from prison, saying she ...

  5. 08/09/2022 · For two nights in August 1969 in Los Angeles, Charles Manson instructed a handful of his followers – including Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten – to kill seven people.

  6. Leslie Van Houten Petitions Superior Court. READ MORE. Bruce Davis Granted Parole for Seventh Time. READ MORE. Van Houten Hospitalized with Coronavirus.

  7. 27/06/2019 · They subdued the couple by promising that they wouldn’t be hurt or killed — only robbed. With Rosemary in the bedroom and Leno in the living room, Manson left the house. He instructed some of the girls waiting in the car outside — Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten — to enter the house and murder the people inside.

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