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  1. Trotsky's train was the personal armoured train of Leon Trotsky while he was the Soviet People's Commissar of Defense. In 1918 Trotsky had a train that was formerly used by one of the Tsar's ministers of communication converted into an armored train for him to quickly visit areas in the Russian civil war where the Red Army needed leadership.

  2. Leon Trótski [nota 2] (nascido Liev Davidovich Bronstein [1]; Ianovka, 7 de novembro de 1879 — Coyoacán, 21 de agosto de 1940) foi um intelectual marxista e revolucionário bolchevique, organizador do Exército Vermelho e, após a morte de Lenin, rival de Stalin na disputa pela hegemonia do Partido Comunista da União Soviética (PCUS).

  3. The player can choose between 5 possible successors - Ernst Meyer, Lev Sedov, Herbert Frahm, Paul Joseph Goebbels, and Ernst Graf zu Reventlow. Additionally, due to their contrasting ideologies, as well as the rivalries in the past between the two nations, it is a question of when, not if, Germany and the Internationale will come into conflict with France and the League Solar.

  4. レフ・ダヴィードヴィチ・トロツキー(ロシア語: Лев Давидович Троцкий 、発音例: リィエーフ・ダヴィーダヴィチ・トローツキー、ラテン文字転写の例: Lev Davidovich Trotsky 、1879年 10月26日(グレゴリオ暦 11月7日) - 1940年 8月21日)は、ウクライナ生まれのソビエト連邦の政治家 ...

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    07/02/2022 · Giornale di Puglia è uno tra i più letti quotidiani pugliesi e offre notizie regionali e nazionali in tempo reale

  6. Léon Sedov (1906-1938), fils de Léon Trotsky : division 22, ligne 13, tombe 20 Antoine Séguy (1877-1951), peintre et décorateur : division 70, ligne 5, tombe 31 Pierre Sidos (1927-2020), homme politique français : division 11, ligne 13, tombe 24

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