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    It would need about 17,565 years at this speed to travel a light-year. To compare, Proxima Centauri , the closest star to the Sun, is about 4.2 light-years ( 2.65 × 10 5 AU ) distant. Were the spacecraft traveling in the direction of that star, 73,775 years would pass before Voyager 1 reaches it.

  2. Buzz Lightyear è un personaggio immaginario protagonista dei quattro film d'animazione della serie Toy Story diretta da John Lasseter (regista dei primi due film) e Lee Unkrich (regista del terzo film della serie). È poi apparso come protagonista assoluto del film Buzz Lightyear da Comando Stellare - Si parte!

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    At nearly 330 million light-years in diameter (approximately 0.27% of the diameter of the observable Universe), or nearly 236,000 Mpc 3 in volume, the Boötes void is one of the largest known voids in the Universe, and is referred to as a supervoid.