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  1. Hace 8 horas · Lee Harker (Monroe)’s mother, Ruth (Alicia Witt), quotes a monologue from Lillian Gish’s character, the hospitable foster mother Rachel Cooper, when telling her daughter how the world is hard on “little things.” (Rachel’s dialogue, subsequently, comes directly from Davis Grubb’s original novel.)

  2. Hace 8 horas · Their casts were made up of legendary stars of both theatre and film including Lillian Gish, Roddy McDowall, Tammy Grimes, Dean Jones, Carol Channing, Cyril Ritchard, Patrice Munsel, Eli Wallach, Loretta Swit, Ed Asner, Donna McKechnie, and many more.

  3. Hace 8 horas · The girl, played by actress Lillian Gish, is nicknamed the “White Flower” by the Chinese Cheng Huan. In its historical reinterpretation of the making of “Broken Blossoms,” “Unbroken Blossoms” highlights the experiences of these real-life consultants, the optimistic Moon Kwan and the cynical, aspiring filmmaker James Leong.

  4. Hace 8 horas · 默片時代的好萊塢女星:莉莉安吉許、葛洛莉亞史璜生 明星是電影最神祕的一環,巨星的誕生關乎產業和個人,也是慾望和理想的化身,甚至可能成為電影的成敗關鍵。「2024 金馬經典影展:巨星的誕生」以好萊塢黃金時代作藍圖,12 位女星為經緯,從默片時期的莉莉安吉許 (Lillian Gish),她在《殘花 ...

  5. Hace 8 horas · 《柳弱風狂》由瑞典大師舍斯特倫(Victor Sjöström,《野草莓》中演老教授)導演,呂倫居殊(Lillian Gish)主演,乃默片晚期的高峰之作,卻等閒難得一見。

  6. Hace 8 horas · 30. Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold. Cannon Films. Gary Nelson (director); Gene Quintano, Lee Reynolds (screenplay); Richard Chamberlain, Sharon Stone, James Earl Jones, Henry Silva, Robert Donner, Cassandra Peterson, Doghmi Larbi, Aileen Marson, Martin Rabbett, Emily Eby, Rory Kilalea, Andy Edwards.

  7. Hace 8 horas · 《柳弱風狂》由瑞典大師舍斯特倫(Victor Sjöström,《野草莓》中演老教授)導演,呂倫居殊(Lillian Gish)主演,乃默片晚期的高峰之作,卻等閒難得一見。

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