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  1. traducir list: lista, hacer una lista de, enumerar, lista [feminine, singular], hacer una lista. Más información en el diccionario inglés-español.

  2. as in listing. a record of a series of items (as names or titles) usually arranged according to some system we put eggs, sour cream, tomatoes, roast beef, and cheddar cheese on the shopping list.

  3. List it how it is! Make a list from a variety of categories, share with your friends and tell the world what you think. Follow @listmaker. Listmaker is where you can create lists on any topic or subject. You can create a watch list for movies and tv, play list for video games, or a bucket list for travel and experiences.

  4. list Significado, definición, qué es list: 1. a record of short pieces of information, such as people's names, usually written or printed with…. Aprender más.

  5. Create a list. From the Lists app in Microsoft 365, select +New list. (To get to the Lists app, at the top of any page, select the Microsoft 365 app launcher , select All apps, and then select Lists.) From your SharePoint site home page or the Site contents page, select + New > List.

  6. System.Collections.dll. Represents a strongly typed list of objects that can be accessed by index. Provides methods to search, sort, and manipulate lists. C#. public class List<T> : System.Collections.Generic.ICollection<T>, System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<T>, System.Collections.Generic.IList<T>, System.Collections.Generic.

  7. Haga sus propias listas y vea lo que sus amigos y otros están enumerando. Enumere películas, videojuegos, música y más. Dile al mundo lo que piensas en el creador de listas sociales.