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    Lloyd's List, a website and 275-year-old daily newspaper on shipping and global trade Lloyd's List Intelligence (formerly Lloyd's MIU), a maritime information database; Lloyd's Register, a ship classification and risk management organization; Germanischer Lloyd, a classification society based in Germany

  2. The Shapley value is a solution concept in cooperative game theory. It was named in honor of Lloyd Shapley , who introduced it in 1951 and won the Nobel Prize in Economics for it in 2012. [1] [2] To each cooperative game it assigns a unique distribution (among the players) of a total surplus generated by the coalition of all players.

  3. Shapley, Lloyd S. “A value for n-person games.” Contributions to the Theory of Games 2.28 (1953): 307-317.↩︎. Štrumbelj, Erik, and Igor Kononenko. “Explaining prediction models and individual predictions with feature contributions.” Knowledge and information systems 41.3 (2014): 647-665.↩︎. Lundberg, Scott M., and Su-In Lee.

  4. 10/11/2014 · Harlow and Martha produced five children—four sons and one daughter. One of Harlow Shapley’s sons, Lloyd Shapley became a world-renowned mathematician and economist. Lloyd Shapley, now in his nineties, was awarded the Sveriges Riksbank Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (Nobel Prize in Economics) in 2012.

  5. 盖尔-沙普利算法(Gale-Shapley algorithm)简称 “GS算法”,也称为 “延迟接受算法”(deferred-acceptance algorithm),是盖尔和沙普利为了寻找一个稳定匹配而设计出的市场机制。市场一方的对象 Ai,i=1,2,...,m 向另一方的对象 Bj,j=1,2,...,n 发出邀约,每个 Bj 会对接到的邀约进行比较,保留自己认为最好的 ...

  6. La collusion est une entente illicite, le plus souvent secrète, entre deux ou plusieurs personnes pour nuire illégalement à un tiers [1

  7. 06/03/2021 · SHAP is the acronym for SHapley Additive exPlanations derived originally from Shapley values introduced by Lloyd Shapley as a solution concept for cooperative game theory in 1951. SHAP works well with any kind of machine learning or deep learning model.