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  4. 23/10/2021 · Here, too, was married in the year 1839, the Marquis of Douro (now Duke of Wellington). The attesting witnesses, whose signatures may be seen in the marriage register, are his noble father, the great duke, and his three brothers—all peers of the realm—the Marquis Wellesley, Lord Maryborough, and Lord Cowley.

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    • The Growth of Ilford.
    • Industries.
    • Local Government Since 1888.
    • Public Services.
    • Churches Founded Since 1830.
    • Roman Catholicism Since 1830.
    • Churches Founded Since 1830.
    • synagogues.
    • Schools.
    • Elementary Schools Founded Before 1893.

    Ilford village, in1653, comprised about 50 houses, mostly north andeast of the central road junction, along that part ofthe High Road now called the Broadway. (fn. 1) Southand west of the junction wasSpurle Grove, an 'island' sitebelonging to Ilford Hospital,on which there were only twoor three buildings apart fromthose of the hospital itself.There were also a few houseson the south side of Back (nowRoden) Street, and in GreenLane. It was stated in 1650 thatthe 'town' of Ilford contained'above 60 families'. (fn. 2) Ilford grewconsiderably during the nexttwo centuries. This seems tohave been largely due to thedevelopment of the hospitalestate, in and near the centre of the village. In thelater 18th century the Gascoynes, as masters of thehospital, began to grant plots of land on buildingleases. Mark Gibbard, who took up one of these leasesin 17656, was in 1771 granted a lease of the wholehospital estate, on terms authorizing him to developSpittel Field, in Ilford Lane, as a brickfiel...

    Until the modern expansion ofIlford the main occupation of the inhabitants wasagriculture. (fn. 56) Tanning was an early industry atBarkingside, shown by the name Tanners Brook(probably the north end of the Cranbrook), whichoccurs in 1456. (fn. 57) At the beginning of the 19thcentury there was a tannery in Tanners Lane. Thishad ceased by about 1840. (fn. 58) Brick-making becameimportant in the later 18th century, when MarkGibbard developed Spittel Field, near the Hospital,to provide bricks for houses that he was erecting inthis area. (fn. 59) In the early 19th century there wereseveral brickfields. One of these was at Uphall, about mile south of Ilford station; another, whichbelonged to John Scrafton Thompson, was part ofhis Clements estate. (fn. 60) Brickmaking continued in theIlford Lane area until about 1870. (fn. 61) Later in thecentury, when there was great demand for bricks,it was carried on by Henry Clark, in fields south ofthe High Road, near St. Mary's church, and byRobert...

    In 1890a local board was set up for Ilford. (fn. 79) The problemsfacing the board, and its successor, the urbandistrict council, were in several respects differentfrom those experienced at this period in Barking.In 1891 the population of Barking was 14,301,mostly concentrated in the courts and alleys of theold town. Ilford, which had 10,711 inhabitants, wasa large village with outlying hamlets and farms, butwith little urban development. Ten years laterIlford, with a population of 41,235, was almost twicethe size of Barking (21,547). Most of the new houseswere in a narrow belt close to the Great Easternrailway line. The Ilford Council had therefore todevelop and expand its public services, especiallysewerage, much more quickly than was necessary atBarking, but it had advantages not shared byBarking. There was no slum clearance problem atIlford, and the rapid increase in the rateable valueof the town gave the council the means and theconfidence to plan public works on a large scale.B...

    The Ilford Gas Co. wasformed in 1839, with a capital of 1,500, and workson an island in the Roding. (fn. 90) Statutory powers wereobtained in 1873 and enlarged in 1881 and 1894. (fn. 91) In 1899, after protests against the high price of gas,the urban district council promoted a Bill to takeover the gasworks. (fn. 92) The company defeated this,obtained an Act to raise further capital, modernizedits mains, and vigorously proclaimed the superiorityof its product over that offered by the council's newelectricity department. (fn. 93) The Ilford company wasmerged in the Gas Light and Coke Co. in 1922. (fn. 94)Since 1948 Ilford has been within the area of theNorth Thames Gas Board. In 1898 Ilford U.D.C. obtained powers to supplyelectricity. (fn. 95) A power station was opened in LeyStreet in 1901. (fn. 96) The initial cost of the scheme was64,867. (fn. 97) The prime mover in it was CouncillorBenjamin Bailey, chairman of the lighting committee, whose activities included public lectures onth...

    Thedivision of the ancient parish of Barking, suggestedin 1650, (fn. 135) was not carried out until 1830. Thebuilding of a new church at Ilford was under discussion in 1823. (fn. 136) In 1825 local Churchmen,vigorously led by Robert W. Hall-Dare of Cranbrook, began to agitate for the formation of a newparish for both civil and ecclesiastical purposes. (fn. 137) Some of them were spurred on by rivalry of theflourishing Baptist church at Ilford. (fn. 138) They metstrong opposition during the next three years anddecided not to press for civil division, but with thehelp of the Church Building Commissioners theysucceeded in their limited objective. The new ecclesiastical parish of Great Ilford was created by Orderin Council in 1830. It included the whole of Ilfordward, and the part of Chadwell ward to the north ofGreen Lane and west of Faircross Lane. (fn. 139) Theparish church of St. Mary was built in the HighRoad in 182931, on land given by John ScraftonThompson of Clements, who had be...

    In1895 a Roman Catholic mission was opened atIlford on the initiative of the Revd. A. S. Barnes, aconvert who had been chaplain of Ilford Hospital.A temporary iron church was erected in Ilford Lane,and in 1899 the permanent church of ST. PETERAND ST. PAUL was opened in the High Road.This is a brick building in the Perpendicular style,but the entrance front and tower are faced withstone. It consists of an apsidal chancel and an aisledand clerestoried nave, the aisle terminating in sidechapels. It also has a baptistery and a west gallery.In 1896 the Revd. (later Canon) Patrick Palmerstarted an influential ministry at Ilford that lastedfor 52 years. (fn. 191) On the Becontree estate the temporary church ofST. VINCENT, Waldegrave Road, was opened in1923, and a permanent building was erected in 1934.It is a large building of red brick with stone dressingsin the Perpendicular style, having an aisled andclerestoried nave, chancel, side chapels, narthex,baptistery, and west gallery. At Bark...

    In 1830 there were a Baptistchapel and a Wesleyan chapel in Ilford village, andone belonging to the London Itinerant Society atBarkingside. (fn. 194)Of these the first, which was theearliest and for many years the strongest nonconformist chapel in Ilford, has alone survived to thepresent day, as the High Road Baptist church. Ebenezer Strict Baptist church was formed in1836 by seceders from the High Road congregation,who built a chapel on leasehold land in CranbrookRoad, almost opposite the present railway station. (fn. 195)In 1898 a new iron chapel was erected on a freeholdsite in Cleveland Road. Ebenezer was joined in 1928by the last 9 members of Elim Chapel, Limehouse, the sale of which provided part of the fundsfor the building of a new Ebenezer-Elim, opened in1932. The Baptists were the first denomination to opena church at Seven Kings. (fn. 196) In 1898 James Parker,minister of High Road, Ilford, persuaded the Revd.John F. Chadwick to start work on the Downshallestate. In 1899...

    The Ilford and Valentines ParkSynagogue, Coventry Road, was founded in 1927,and the Ilford District Synagogue, Beehive Lane, in1936. (fn. 267) The Becontree Synagogue, founded before1933 in temporary premises in Becontree Avenue,amalgamated in 1949 with that of Barking. In 1954the Barking and Becontree Synagogue was built onthe Becontree Avenue site. (fn. 268)

    A school board was formed for Ilfordin 1893. (fn. 269) There were then five elementary schoolsin the parish, of which four belonged to the Churchof England and one to the Baptists. Two were inIlford village, one at Barkingside, one at AldboroughHatch, and the other in Beehive Lane. During theten years of its existence the school board builtseven (fn. 270)elementary schools to serve the rapidlygrowing town, and also a higher grade school, thefirst of its kind in Essex. In the same period theBaptist school was closed and a Roman Catholicschool opened. In 1904 Ilford Urban District Council became a'Part III' authority, under the Education Act (1902)with responsibility for elementary education. Itbuilt four more schools before the First World War.The higher grade school was transferred to thecounty and became Ilford county high school.During the same period the Church school at Aldborough Hatch was closed and the Beehive Churchschool became Valentines council school. After thewar it was...

    Early inthe 19th century Charles Welstead of Valentinesbuilt the Forest Side school in Horns Road, Barkingside. From 1813 this was being supported, andperhaps partly controlled, by the Barking Churchschool committee, (fn. 274) which in 1822 decided that allIlford boys should attend it. (fn. 275) After Welstead'sdeath in 1832 the committee closed the school andlet the buildings, (fn. 276) the income from which was in1837 settled on the Cricklewood school in Ilfordvillage. (fn. 277) In 1841 the Forest Side school was conveyed to the new ecclesiastical district of Barkingside. After the building of the Barkingside Churchschool in 1842 the rents from Forest Side were usedfor that school. (fn. 278) In 1830 the Barking Church school committeebuilt a school on a site called Cricklewood, east ofSt. Mary's church in Ilford High Road. (fn. 279) This,which was at first called the Cricklewood school,was in union with the National Society. (fn. 280) In 1837it was taken over by a separate Ilford...

  6. 23/10/2021 · George F. Doherty & Sons Wilson ... (Smith) Of Bedford, formerly of Arlington, went home to her Lord and Savior on June ... Published in The Wellesley Townsman from May 31 to Jun. 8 ...

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