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  1. 24/05/2022 · He was a son of Louis VIII, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt, Louis IX, Duke of Bavaria - Louis IX (also known as Louis the Rich; 23 February 1417 – 18 January 1479), (German: Ludwig IX, Herzog von Bayern-Landshut) was Duke of Bavaria-Landshut from 1450.

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  2. 13/05/2022 · later King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom and British dominions beyond the seas, Emperor of India (1936) and Duke of Windsor (from 1936) 1913: Raymond Poincaré, President of the French Republic: 1860: 1934: Co-Prince of Andorra: Francisco Javier Azlor-Aragón e Idiaquez, Duke of Granada de Ega: 1842: 1919: Luis Pidal y Mon, 2nd Marquis of ...

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    19/04/2022 · Among those is a monument to Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse-Darmstadt (1843–1878), Victoria's second daughter, who died of diphtheria shortly after her youngest daughter May (1874–1878). In the centre of the chapel is a monument to Edward, Duke of Kent, Victoria's father. He died in 1820 and is buried in St George's Chapel, Windsor.

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    Arabic: لويز
    Belarusian: Луіза (Luiza)
    Chinese Simplified: 路易丝 (Lùyìsī)
    Chinese Traditional: 路易絲 (Lùyìsī)

    Holy Roman Emperors and Kings of Germany

    1. Louis the Pious, Emperor and King of the Franks from 814 to his death. 2. Louis II, Holy Roman Emperor, eldest son of the emperor Lothair I 3. Louis III, Holy Roman Emperor, maternal grandson of the emperor Louis II 4. Louis the German(Louis II), the third son of the emperor Louis the Pious and his first wife 5. Louis the Child(Louis III), the last true Carolingian ruler of East Francia 6. Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor

    Kings of France

    1. Louis the Pious, Emperor and King of the Franks from 814 to his death 2. Louis the Stammerer, the eldest son of Charles the Bald and Ermentrude of Orléans 3. Louis III of France, king of Western Francia 4. Louis IV of France, king of France from 936 to 954 5. Louis V of France, son of the Frankish King Lothair and his wife Emma 6. Louis VI of France, King of France from 1108 to 1137 7. Louis VII of France, King of France from 1137 to 1180 8. Louis VIII of France, King of France from 1223 t...

    Other French royalty

    1. Louis I, Duke of Bourbon, Duke of Bourbon 2. Louis II, Duke of Bourbon, Duke of Bourbon 3. Louis I de Bourbon, prince de Condé, Prince of Condé 4. Louis II de Bourbon, prince de Condé, Prince of Condé 5. Louis III, Prince of Condé, Prince of Condé 6. Louis Henri, Duke of Bourbon(also known as Louis IV, prince de Condé) 7. Louis Joseph de Bourbon, prince de Condé(also known as Louis V Joseph) 8. Louis Henry II, Prince of Condé(also known as Louis VI Henri) 9. Louis Armand I, Prince of Conti...

  4. Pedro was born at 12:00 noon on 5 July 1717 in the Ribeira Palace in Lisbon, Portugal. He was baptized on 29 August and was given the name Pedro Clemente Francisco José António. His parents were King João V and his wife Maria Ana of Austria. Pedro was a younger brother of José I of Portugal.

  5. 14/05/2022 · A Hessian princess by birth, she was a member of the Battenberg family, a morganatic branch of the House of Hesse-Darmstadt. She was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Unlike other members of the Battenberg family, who were accorded the lower rank of Serene Highness , Victoria Eugenie was born with the rank of Highness due to a Royal Warrant issued in 1886 by Queen Victoria.

  6. 25/05/2022 · (Actualisé avec précisions) par Richa Naidu LONDRES, 25 mai (Reuters) - Danone DANO.PA a annoncé mercredi avoir plus que doublé depuis mars ses livraisons vers les Etats-Unis de Neocate, un substitut alimentaire pour les bébés allergiques au lait de vache, afin de contribuer à