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  1. Frederick IV holds a memorable place in the social history of the city of Venice for a visit he made during the winter of 1708–09, the king stayed in city with an entourage of at least 70 people, formally incognito as Count of Oldenburg, not to be unknown, but to get rid of the cumbersome and more costly etiquette that belonged to a king's conduct.

  2. Frederick IV (1382 – 24 June 1439), also known as Frederick of the Empty Pockets ( German: Friedrich mit der leeren Tasche ), a member of the House of Habsburg, was Duke of Austria from 1402 until his death. As a scion of the Habsburg Leopoldian line, he ruled over Further Austria and the County of Tyrol from 1406 onwards.

  3. Frederick IV, elector Palatine of the Rhine, only surviving son of the elector Louis VI. Frederick’s father died in October 1583, when the young elector came under the guardianship of his uncle John Casimir, an ardent Calvinist. In January 1592, on the death of John Casimir, Frederick undertook t

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    Dune computer game This article or section refers to elements from one of the Dune computer games. Padishah Emperor Frederick IV of the House Corrino was removed from the throne by his brother during the Years of Treason. However he overthrew him and again assumed the throne. In doing so, he incurred a vast debt to his creditors. It is rumoured that he owed CHOAM over three billion K units. For this he was anxious to harvest spice from Arrakis. To encourage it, he offered the fief of Arrakis to...

    Frederick IV appears only in the games by Westwood studios; he is not mentioned in context to the other canonical Emperors. In the games his role is more or less an analogous of Shaddam IV of the original Dune novel. In Emperor: Battle for Dune he is mistakenly addressed as Shaddam IV in the victory cutscene. An Emperor Fredhrick IV is mentioned in the Dune Encyclopedia but his time was in the remote past.

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    Frederick IV, Elector Palatine of the Rhine, only surviving son of Louis VI, Elector Palatine and Elisabeth of Hesse, called "Frederick the Righteous".

    Born in Amberg, his father died in October 1583 and Frederick came under the guardianship of his uncle, John Casimir, an ardent Calvinist. The Calvinist mathematician and astronomer Bartholemaeus Pitiscus served as Frederick's tutor and later became court preacher. In January 1592, Frederick assumed control of the government of the Electorate of the Palatinate upon the death of John Casimir. Frederick continued John Casimir's anti-Catholic measures and in 1608 became the head of the Protestant m

    In 1593 he married Louise Juliana of Nassau, the daughter of William I of Orange and Charlotte de Bourbon-Monpensier. They had eight children: 1. Luise Juliane of the Palatinate; married in 1612 to Pfalzgraf John II, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken. 2. Katharina Sofie of the Palatinate. 3. Frederick V, Elector Palatine. 4. Elisabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate; married in 1616 to Elector George William of Brandenburg. 5. Anna Eleonore of the Palatinate. 6. Louis William of the Palatinate. 7 ...

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    Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl von Hohenzollern was born in the New Palace in Potsden, in the Kingdom of Prussia, on October 18 of 1831. Frederick's father, Wilhelm, Prince of Prussia, was a younger brother of the ruling King in Prussia, Frederick William IV. Wilhelm had fallen in love with his cousin, the Polish princess Eliza Radziwill, but they were not allowed to marry, as the Prussian nobility believed Radziwill's social status as a Pole and an aristocrat was too low to marry the heir to the German Empire. Instead, Wilhelm married Princess Augusta of Saxe-Weimar, with whom he had Frederick. However, Wilhelm and Augusta never loved each other. Augusta was extremely liberal, famously so in the German society of the time. As a princess of the very liberal kingdom of Saxe-Weimar, and as part of the British-influenced House of Wettin, she had very liberal ideas, which she inherited to her son. However, Frederick resented both parents for a long time, given that the constant fights...

    Frederick became Crown Prince of Germany in 1861, after his father's succession to the throne. While his father soon showed his conservative tendencies when opposing the decisions of the Reichstag, Frederick declared himself completely in favour of "essential liberal policies in internal and foreign affairs". In 1862, the Reichstag almost convinced William to abdicate out of anger, before being convinced to return to power by Frederick. However, this led to be a problem in future relationships between father and son, given that, to check the power of the Reichstag, Wilhelm appointed Otto von Bismarck, a conservative authoritarian who often ignored the power of the legislature. While Frederick insisted on peaceful unification, Bismarck imposed his "blood and iron" policies, and eventually led Germany in a direction completely different from what Frederick wanted. Frederick, a pacifist, was forced to fight in wars against Denmark, France, and Austria, and was severely reprimanded seve...

    Problems with Bismarck

    Frederick's early years of government are characterised by the constant fighting between the Emperor himself (supported by the Reichstag) and the Chancellor and his cabinet which Wilhelm had created. This started as soon as the day of the death of Wilhelm, where Frederick decided to take the regnal name of Frederick IV, implying a continuation between the Holy Roman Empire and the German Empire. However, von Bismarck opposed this movement, stating that it might cause large amounts of problems...

    Political Deadlock

    Electionsoccured in 1881. These elections, while not groundbreaking, were important as they would allow the continuation of the Alliance of All Demons through another electoral term. However, this second term in the alliance was riddled with far more infighting and confusion than the first one. With Bismarck gone, all incentive for unity for anti-Kulturkampf policies seemed sort of moot; the Sweeping Legislations were to (mostly) receive common support throughout all sides of Parliament but n...

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  4. Frederick IV, ‘Empty-Pockets’. Duke of Austria; from 1406 ruler over Tyrol. Born in 1382 (exact date of birth unknown) Died in Innsbruck on 24 June 1439. Frederick ruled over the Swabian territories and Tyrol at the beginning of the fifteenth century. There he gradually secured his power base against the nobility.

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