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    Hace 1 día · In 1609 the Dutch East India Company financed English navigator Henry Hudson in his search for the Northeast Passage, but thwarted by sea ice in that direction, he sailed westward across the Atlantic in pursuit of a Northwest Passage. During the search, Hudson sailed up the river that would later be named after him.

  2. Hace 3 días · El 'Ecce homo', un óleo sobre lienzo de 111 por 86 centímetros, que los expertos sitúan entre 1606 y 1609, se mostrará al público a partir de mañana, martes, en una sala donde permanecerá ...

  3. Hace 2 días · American Indian Wars. The American Indian Wars, also known as the American Frontier Wars, and the Indian Wars, [note 1] was a conflict initially fought by European colonial empires, and later on by the Confederate States of America, Republic of Texas, Mexico and the United States of America against various American Indian tribes in North America.

  4. Hace 3 días · 1607–1609: John Smith Reproduction of the Zúñiga Map Following the establishment of the Jamestown settlement in 1607, John Smith was captured by the Powhatan and met with both their leader Wahunsenacawh (often referred to as "Chief Powhatan") and his brother Opechancanough .

  5. Hace 2 días · The East India Company ( EIC) [a] was an English, and later British, joint-stock company founded in 1600 and dissolved in 1874. [4] It was formed to trade in the Indian Ocean region, initially with the East Indies (the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia ), and later with East Asia. The company gained control of large parts of the Indian ...

  6. Hace 4 días · After 1609, when it became evident that Spain was financially exhausted and Philip sought a truce with the Dutch, there followed a period of retrenchment; in the background, tensions continued to grow, however, and by 1618 the policies of Philip's 'proconsuls'—men like Spinola, Fuentes, Villafranca, Osuna and Bedmar—were increasingly at odds with de Lerma's policy from Madrid.

  7. Hace 1 día · La défenestration de Prague, survenue le 23 mai 1618, est l'étincelle déclenchant la guerre de Trente Ans. Ferdinand II, roi de Bohême à partir de 1617, devient empereur romain germanique au début de la guerre. Frédéric V, électeur palatin, rival de l'empereur Ferdinand II au déclenchement de la guerre, est élu roi de Bohême à la ...