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  1. Frederick Barbarossa (1122 – 10 June 1190), also known as Frederick I (German: Friedrich I, Italian: Federico I), was the Holy Roman Emperor from 1155 until his death 35 years later. He was elected King of Germany at Frankfurt on 4 March 1152 and crowned in Aachen on 9 March 1152.

  2. Frederick was married three times: first to Elizabeth Henrietta of Hesse-Kassel, with whom he had one child, Louise Dorothea, born 1680, who died without issue at age 25. then to Sophia Charlotte of Hanover, with whom he had Frederick August (1685–1686) Frederick William I, born in 1688, who succeeded him.

  3. Frederick I, elector of Brandenburg (as Frederick III), who became the first king in Prussia (1701–13), freed his domains from imperial suzerainty, and continued the policy of territorial aggrandizement begun by his father, Frederick William, the Great Elector.

  4. 16/08/2020 · Frederick I, duke of Swabia (as Frederick III, 1147–90) and German king and Holy Roman emperor (1152–90), who challenged papal authority and sought to establish German predominance in western Europe. He died while on the Third Crusade to the Holy Land. Learn more about Frederick’s life and reign.

  5. Frederick I (7 October 1471 – 10 April 1533) was the king of Denmark and Norway. His name is also spelled Frederik in Danish and Norwegian , Friedrich in German and Fredrik in Swedish . He was the last Roman Catholic monarch to reign over Denmark and Norway, when subsequent monarchs embraced Lutheranism after the Protestant Reformation .

  6. Frederick I (Swedish: Fredrik I; 28 April 1676 – 5 April 1751) was prince consort of Sweden from 1718 to 1720, and King of Sweden from 1720 until his death and (as Frederick I) also Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel from 1730.

  7. Frederick the Lame (9 May 1293 – 13 January 1315, Zwenkau ), married Anna (d. 22 November 1327, Wismar ), daughter of Albert II, Duke of Saxe-Wittenberg and Agnes Habsburg, Daughter of Rudolph I of Germany. Secondly he married Elizabeth of Lobdeburg-Arnshaugk (1286 – 22 August 1359, Gotha) on 24 August 1300 and they had two children:

    • Agnes of Gorizia-Tyrol, Elizabeth of Lobdeburg-Arnshaugk
    • House of Wettin
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