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  1. married Princess Sophie of Bavaria; father of Franz Joseph I of Austria and Maximilian I of Mexico. Archduchess Marie Anna: 8 June 1804: 28 December 1858 (aged 54) Born intellectually disabled (like her eldest brother, Emperor Ferdinand I) and to have suffered from a severe facial deformity. Died unmarried. Archduke Johann Nepomuk: 30 August 1805

  2. Judith of Bavaria (797– 19 April 843) was the Carolingian empress as the second wife of Louis the Pious. Marriage to Louis marked the beginning of her rise as an influential figure in the Carolingian court.

  3. Dona Maria Manuela (15 October 1527 – 12 July 1545) was the eldest daughter and second child of King John III of Portugal and his wife Catherine of Austria.She was Princess of Asturias and Duchess of Milan as the first wife of the future Philip II of Spain, and Princess of Portugal as heir presumptive to the Portuguese throne between 1527 and 1535.

  4. Eleonor Magdalene Holy Roman Empress 6 January 1655-19 January 1720 Married in 1676 Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor and had issue; Maria Adelheid: 6 January 1656-22 December 1656 Died in infancy Sophia Elisabeth: 25 May 1657-7 February 1658 Died in infancy Johann Wilhelm Elector Palatine 19 April 1658-8 June 1716

  5. (3) Eleonor Magdalene of Neuburg 14 December 1676 Passau eleven children 5 May 1705 Vienna aged 64 Also Holy Roman Emperor, and King of Bohemia and Hungary. In 1665, he unified Austria once more. 25 June 1665 –5 May 1705 Archduchy of Austria: Joseph I: 26 July 1678 Vienna Eldest son of Leopold VI and Eleonor Magdalene of Neuburg: 5 May 1705 ...

  6. The Holy Roman Empress or Empress of the Holy Roman Empire (Kaiserin des Heiligen Römischen Reiches) was the wife or widow of the Holy Roman Emperor.The elective dignity of Holy Roman emperor was restricted to males only, but some empresses, such as Theophanu and Maria Theresa, were de facto rulers of the Empire.

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