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  1. 5 de jun. de 2024 · The House of Hohenzollern (/ ˌ h oʊ ə n ˈ z ɒ l ər n /, US also /-n ˈ z ɔː l-,-n t ˈ s ɔː l-/; German: Haus Hohenzollern, pronounced [ˌhaʊs hoːənˈtsɔlɐn] ⓘ; Romanian: Casa de Hohenzollern) is a formerly royal (and from 1871 to 1918, imperial) German dynasty whose members were variously princes, electors, kings and emperors ...

  2. 6 de jun. de 2024 · In the Diet, the group of middle-sized states, known as Mittelstaaten (Bavaria, Württemberg, the grand duchies of Baden and Hesse, and the duchies of Saxony–Weimar, Saxony–Meiningen, Saxony–Coburg, and Nassau), supported complete demobilization within the Confederation.

  3. 7 de jun. de 2024 · House of Wittelsbach The "strikingly simple and beautiful" arms of Wittelsbach were taken from the arms of the counts of Bogen, who became extinct in 1242. When Louis I married Ludmilla, the widow of Albert III, Count of Bogen , he adopted the coat of arms of the counts of Bogen together with their land, along the Danube between Regensburg and Deggendorf.

  4. 5 de jun. de 2024 · Das Königreich Württemberg war ein von 1806 bis 1918 bestehendes Königtum im Südwesten Deutschlands. Es entstand am 1. Januar 1806 als souveränes Staatswesen auf Betreiben des französischen Kaisers Napoleon I. und ging aus dem erst 1803 zum Kurfürstentum erhobenen Herzogtum Württemberg hervor.

  5. 1 de jun. de 2024 · Stuttgart, city, capital of Baden-Württemberg Land (state), southwestern Germany. Astride the Neckar River, in a forested vineyard-and-orchard setting in historic Swabia, Stuttgart lies between the Black Forest to the west and the Swabian Alp to the south.

  6. 22 de may. de 2024 · Mary of Teck (born May 26, 1867, Kensington Palace, London—died March 24, 1953, London) was the queen consort of King George V of Great Britain and the mother of kings Edward VIII (afterward duke of Windsor) and George VI.

  7. 17 de may. de 2024 · The museum documents more than two centuries of Baden-Württemberg's past and provides an overview of the many facets of the state – from its economic development to scientific achievements and religion. The House of History has two event rooms available for hire.