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  1. William III was born in The Hague in the Dutch Republic on 4 November 1650. Baptised William Henry (Dutch: Willem Hendrik), he was the only child of Mary, Princess Royal, and stadtholder William II, Prince of Orange.

  2. William III, stadholder of the United Provinces of the Netherlands (1672–1702) and king of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1689–1702), reigning jointly with Queen Mary II (until her death in 1694). He directed the European opposition to Louis XIV and, in Britain, secured the triumph of Protestantism.

  3. King William II and his family (1832) by Jan Baptist van der Hulst with William III on the far left William was born on 19 February 1817 in the Palace of the Nation in Brussels , [1] which was part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands at the time.

  4. William (reigned 1689-1702) and Mary (reigned 1689-94) were offered the throne as joint monarchs. They accepted a Declaration of Rights (later a Bill), drawn up by a Convention of Parliament, which limited the Sovereign's power, reaffirmed Parliament's claim to control taxation and legislation, and provided guarantees against the abuses of power which James II and the other Stuart Kings had ...

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  6. Guillermo III de Inglaterra (La Haya, 14 de noviembre de 1650-Palacio de Kensington, 8 de marzo de 1702) fue un aristócrata neerlandés y príncipe protestante de Orange desde su nacimiento, y rey de Inglaterra e Irlanda —como Guillermo III— desde el 13 de febrero de 1689, y rey de Escocia —como Guillermo II— desde el 11 de abril de 1689, en cada caso hasta su muerte.

  7. William III of Orange, stadtholder of the United Provinces, was born 4 November 1650, the son of William II of Orange (1626 – 1650), who died shortly before the birth, and Mary Stuart (1631 – 1660), eldest daughter of Charles I of England.