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    June 10 –September – The Ottoman sultan Murad II besieges Constantinople; the siege is broken off as a result of the rebellion of Küçük Mustafa. August 22 – Use of the Spanish era dating system in the Kingdom of Portugal ceases. September 1 – Henry VI becomes King of England, aged nine months.

  2. Los años 1420 o década del 1420 empezó el 1 de enero de 1420 y terminó el 31 de diciembre de 1429 . Acontecimientos [ editar] Sitio de Tesalónica Personajes importantes [ editar] Juana de Arco, heroína francesa que encabezó el ejército francés en el trascurso de la guerra de los Cien Años.

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    1421: Andrea del Castagno – Italian fresco painter from Florence (died 1457) 1421: Lucas Moser – German Late-Gothic painter (died 1492) 1421: Andreas Ritzos – Greek icons painter (died 1492) 1420: Barthélemy d'Eyck – Early Netherlandish artist who worked in France as a painter and manuscript illuminator (died 1470)

  4. Joan of Arc leads the army of France. May 21: Treaty of Troyes With the Burgundian faction dominant in France, King Charles VI of France acknowledges Henry V of England as his heir, and as virtual ruler of most of France [1] June 2: Catherine of Valois marries King Henry V of England [2] September 1: a 9.4 M S -strong earthquake shakes Chile's ...

  5. April – Hundred Years' War: England allies with Burgundy and Brittany against France. [2] 31 July – Hundred Years' War: the English defeat the French and Scottish at the Battle of Cravant. 1424. 5 April – James I of Scotland, having been detained at the English court since 1406, is ransomed and returns to take up his throne.

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