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  1. William II, called the Good, was king of Sicily from 1166 to 1189. From surviving sources William's character is indistinct. Lacking in military enterprise, secluded and pleasure-loving, he seldom emerged from his palace life at Palermo. Yet his reign is marked by an ambitious foreign policy and a vigorous diplomacy. Champion of the papacy and in secret league with the Lombard cities, he was able to defy the common enemy, Frederick Barbarossa. In the Divine Comedy, Dante places ...

  2. Guillermo II (Palermo, 1153 – Palermo, 11 de noviembre de 1189), llamado el Bueno, fue rey de Sicilia y Nápoles desde 1166 a 1189. Guillermo tenía solo trece años cuando murió su padre Guillermo I de Sicilia, así que estuvo bajo la regencia de su madre, Margarita de Navarra, hasta 1171.

  3. William II, Duke of Athens From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia William II (1312 – 22 August 1338) was the third son of Frederick III of Sicily and Eleanor of Anjou. He inherited the Duchy of Athens after the death of his elder brother Manfred on 9 November 1317.

  4. WILLIAM II. (d. 1189), king of Sicily, was only thirteen years old at the death of his father William I. when he was placed under the regency of his mother, Marguerite of Navarre.

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    William II of Sicily (1155–1189) William II, Lord of Béthune (died 1214), nicknamed William the Red; William II, Count of Perche (died 1226), Bishop of Châlons; William II of Dampierre (1196–1231) William II Longespee (c. 1204–m; William de Wickwane (died 1285), Archbishop of York (1279–1285) William II, Lord of Egmond (died 1304)