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  1. Charles VI (German: Karl; Latin: Carolus; 1 October 1685 – 20 October 1740) was Holy Roman Emperor and ruler of the Austrian Habsburg monarchy from 1711 until his death, succeeding his elder brother, Joseph I. He unsuccessfully claimed the throne of Spain following the death of his relative, Charles II.

  2. The Holy Roman Emperor title provided the highest prestige among medieval Catholic monarchs, because the empire was considered by the Catholic Church to be the only successor of the Roman Empire during the Middle Ages and the early modern period.

  3. 21 de feb. de 2024 · Charles VI (born Oct. 1, 1685, Vienna, Austria—died Oct. 20, 1740, Vienna) was the Holy Roman emperor from 1711 and, as Charles III, archduke of Austria and king of Hungary. As pretender to the throne of Spain (as Charles III), he attempted unsuccessfully to reestablish the global empire of his 16th-century ancestor Charles V.

  4. Charles VI (1 October 1685 – 20 October 1740) was Holy Roman Emperor from 12 October 1711 to 20 October 1740. He was emperor after his elder brother, Joseph I. His daughter, Maria Theresia of Austria, inherited the throne after he died. Categories: 1685 births. 1740 deaths. Holy Roman Emperors. Habsburg Dynasty. Counts and countesses of Flanders.

  5. Henry VI (German: Heinrich VI.; November 1165 – 28 September 1197), a member of the Hohenstaufen dynasty, was King of Germany (King of the Romans) from 1169 and Holy Roman Emperor from 1191 until his death. From 1194 he was also King of Sicily.

  6. 14 de may. de 2018 · World Encyclopedia. Charles VI, 1685–1740, Holy Roman emperor (1711–40), king of Bohemia (1711–40) and, as Charles III, king of Hungary (1712–40); brother and successor of Holy Roman Emperor Joseph I [1]. Charles was the last Holy Roman emperor of the direct Hapsburg line.

  7. Charles VI. From 1703 to 1713/14 king of Spain as Charles III, (anti-king to Philip V of Anjou-Bourbon); as Charles VI emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and ruler of the Habsburg Monarchy from 1711 to his death in 1740. Born in Vienna on 1 October 1685. Died in Vienna on 20 October 1740.