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  1. Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg (11 November 1599 – 28 March 1655) was a German princess and Queen of Sweden as the consort of King Gustav II Adolph (Gustavus Adolphus). She was a daughter of John Sigismund, Elector of Brandenburg , and Anna, Duchess of Prussia , daughter of Albert Frederick, Duke of Prussia .

  2. Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily (6 June 1772 – 13 April 1807) was the first Empress of Austria and last Holy Roman Empress as the spouse of Francis II.She was born a Princess of Naples as the eldest daughter of King Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies and Queen Maria Carolina

  3. Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (28 August 1691 – 21 December 1750) was Princess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Holy Roman Empress, German Queen, Queen of Bohemia and Hungary; and Archduchess of Austria by her marriage to Emperor Charles VI.

  4. Gustav IV Adolf or Gustav IV Adolph (1 November 1778 – 7 February 1837) was King of Sweden from 1792 until he was deposed in a coup in 1809.He was also the last Swedish monarch to be the ruler of Finland

  5. Claudia Felicitas of Austria (30 May 1653 – 8 April 1676) was by birth an Archduchess of Austria and by marriage Holy Roman Empress, German Queen, Archduchess consort of Austria, Queen consort of Hungary and Bohemia as the second wife of Leopold I.

  6. Sophia of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg (30 May 1579 – 3 June 1658, in Treptow an der Rega, her dower), married on 8 March 1607 to Philip II, Duke of Pomerania-Stettin Elisabeth of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg (24 September 1580 – 21 December 1653), married on 19 February 1615 to Bogislaw XIV, Duke of Pomerania (son of her sister Anna's husband, Bogilaw XIII, Duke of Pomerania).

  7. 27. Margaret of Pomerania-Wolgast: 3. Sophia Dorothea of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg: 28. Francis I, Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg: 14. Francis II, Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg: 29. Sibylle of Saxony: 7. Sophia Hedwig of Saxe-Lauenburg: 30. Julius, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg: 15. Maria of Brunswick-Lüneburg: 31. Hedwig of Brandenburg