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  1. Christian I of Denmark. Mother. Dorothea of Brandenburg. Religion. Roman Catholic. Modern grave of Queen Margaret at Cambuskenneth Abbey. Margaret of Denmark (23 June 1456 – 14 July 1486) was Queen of Scots from 1469 to 1486 by marriage to King James III. She was the daughter of Christian I, King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and Dorothea of ...

  2. Margaret I (Danish: Margrete Valdemarsdatter; March 1353 – 28 October 1412) was ruler of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (which included Finland) from the late 1380s until her death, and the founder of the Kalmar Union that joined the Scandinavian kingdoms together for over a century.

  3. Margaret of Denmark, Queen of Scotland (1456–1486), queen-consort of James III of Scotland; Princess Margaret of Denmark (1895–1992), wife of Prince René of Bourbon-Parma, daughter of Prince Valdemar of Denmark and mother of Queen Anne of Romania; Princess Margaretha of Sweden (1899–1977), Princess of Denmark through her marriage to Prince Axel; Margrethe II of Denmark (born 1940), the present head of state of Denmark

  4. Christian I o Denmark Mither Dorothea o Brandenburg Releegion Roman Catholic Margaret o Denmark(23 Juin 1456 – 14 Julie 1486), an aa referred tae as Margaret o Norawa, wis Queen o Scotlandfrae 1469 tae 1486 bi mairiage tae Keeng James III. She wis the dauchter o Christian I, King o Denmark, Norawa an Swaden, an Dorothea o Brandenburg.

  5. Margaret Tudor was Queen of Scotland from 1503 until 1513 by marriage to King James IV. She was the eldest daughter and second child of King Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York, and the sister of King Henry VIII of England. Margaret married James IV at the age of 13, in accordance with the Treaty of Perpetual Peace between England and Scotland. Together, they had six children, though only one of them reached adulthood. Margaret's marriage to James IV linked the royal houses ...

  6. Margaret was born on 28 February 1261 at Windsor Castle. She was the firstborn child of King Alexander III of Scotland and Margaret of England, Alexander's first wife. A committee of five earls, four bishops, and four barons were tasked with ensuring that the King's firstborn child was brought safely to Scotland.