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  1. Hackney es un municipio londinense (The London Borough of Hackney) en el nordeste de Londres. [1] A diferencia de otros municipios ingleses, su ayuntamiento es dirigido por un alcalde elegido mediante sufragio directo.

  2. Hackney, associated with high-stepping horses and horse-drawn carriages, is the root of the French word haquenée, a term used for a small breed of horse, and the Sardinian achetta horse.) Construction of the railway in the 1850s ended Hackney's rural reputation by connecting it to other parts of the city and stimulating development.

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    Hackney is a district in East London, England, forming around two-thirds of the area of the modern London Borough of Hackney, to which it gives its name. It is 4 miles northeast of Charing Cross and includes part of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Historically it was within the county of Middlesex. In the past it was also referred to as Hackney Proper to distinguish it from the village which subsequently developed in the vicinity of Mare Street, the term Hackney Proper being applied to the wid

    Hackney was an administrative unit with consistent boundaries from the early Middle Ages to the creation of the larger modern borough in 1965. It was based for many centuries on the Ancient Parish of Hackney, the largest in Middlesex. Hackney was a sub-Manor of the Manor of Stepney, and the ancient parish of Hackney was an early daughter parish of Stepney, though the date the Hackney parish was established is not known. Hackney's church is first recorded around 1275 and Hackney may have been an

    The first surviving records of the place name are Hakney and Hakeneye. The name is Old English, but the meaning is not certain. It seems clear however that the ‘ey’ element refers to an island or a raised or otherwise dry area in marshland. The term 'island' in this context can also mean land situated between two streams.

    Hackney is a mostly low-lying area in proximity to two rivers, the Lea and the Hackney Brook. This would have made the area attractive for pastoral and arable agriculture, meaning most of the area is likely to have been deforested at an early date. There is archaeological evidenc

    There will have been a network of probably minor, local roads in Hackney before the Romans conquered southern Britain after 43AD, but the area's proximity to the provincial capital, Londinium, meant that it was soon crossed by two large long-distance routes. The first was Ermine

    The area around Millfields Park, Lower Clapton is sometimes described as the site of a battle in which Aescwine, having rebelled against Octa, King of Kent, defeats him in battle and became the first King of Essex. The ford over the Lea neighbouring Leyton is referred to in the a

    The outline of Hackney's traditional boundary resembles a right-angled triangle with the right-angle in the SW and the Lower Lea Valley, running NW-SE forming the hypotenuse. The western boundary is based on the N-S axis of the Roman A10, though the sub-district of De Beauvoir Town lies beyond it, as do small areas of Dalston and Stamford Hill. The district's southern boundary follows the Regents Canal-Hertford Union Canal in part, and for the remainder marches a little to the north of it, with

    Open spaces in Hackney include: 1. Clapton Common 2. Hackney Downs 3. Hackney Marshes 4. Mabley Green 5. London Fields 6. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 7. Springfield Park and Spring Hill Recreation Ground 8. Stoke Newington Common, originally known as Cockhangar Green, and part of Hackney rather than Stoke Newington proper 9. Victoria Park 10. Well Street Common 11. West Hackney Recreation Ground 12. Millfields Park

  4. hackney: [noun] a horse suitable for ordinary riding or driving. a trotting horse used chiefly for driving. any of an English breed of rather compact usually chestnut, bay, or brown high-stepping horses.

  5. Hackney definition, a carriage or coach for hire; cab. See more.

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