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  1. Pronunciation, [kasteˈʎano] Region: Spain, Latin America, and the United States (see below): 489 million (2016) +75 million as a second language 564 million total

  2. Colombian Spanish (Spanish: español colombiano) is a grouping of the varieties of Spanish spoken in Colombia.The term is of more geographical than linguistic relevance, since the dialects spoken in the various regions of Colombia are quite diverse.

  3. The phonemes /b/, /d/, and /ɡ/ are realized as approximants (namely [β̞, ð̞, ɣ˕], hereafter represented without the downtacks) or fricatives in all places except after a pause, after a nasal consonant, or—in the case of /d/ —after a lateral consonant; in such contexts they are realized as voiced stops.