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    The Thoroughbred is a horse breed best known for its use in horse racing. Although the word thoroughbred is sometimes used to refer to any breed of purebred horse, it technically refers only to the Thoroughbred breed. Thoroughbreds are considered " hot-blooded " horses that are known for their agility, speed, and spirit.

    • England
    • Tall, slim, athletic horse, used for racing and many equestrian sports
  2. Thoroughbreds is a 2017 American black comedy thriller film, written and directed by Cory Finley in his directorial debut. It follows high-school student Lily (Anya Taylor-Joy) and her emotionless friend Amanda (Olivia Cooke) as they scheme to kill Lily's stepfather (Paul Sparks) via a contract with a drug dealer (Anton Yelchin); Francie Swift also stars, as Lily's mother.

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    Thoroughbred is the 7th album by American singer-songwriter Carole King, released in 1976. This is her final effort issued by Ode Records, and also the last album produced by Lou Adler who had been her collaborator since Tapestry. The track "Only Love Is Real" was released as a lead single from the album, and became her 4th and final chart-topper on the U.S. Billboard AC chart. "High out of Time", a song featuring David Crosby and Graham Nash on vocals, was also released as a single. "There's a

    All songs written by Carole King, except where noted. Side one

    Production notes 1. Lou Adler – producer 2. Milt Calice – engineer 3. Hank Cicalo – engineer

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    Thoroughbred is a series of young-adult novels that revolves around Kentucky Thoroughbred racing and equestrianism. The series was started in 1991 by Joanna Campbell, and numbered 72 books, in addition to several "super editions" and a spin-off series, Ashleigh, by the time it ended in 2005. The series focuses on a group of core characters, primarily Ashleigh Griffen, Samantha McLean, Cindy Blake/McLean and Ashleigh's daughter Christina, as well as Christina's friends. The series originally foll

    The Thoroughbred series is written in the third-person narrative and is typically told from a single person's viewpoint. For the first twenty-three books, the series is told from the viewpoints of Ashleigh Griffen, Samantha McLean, and Cindy McLean. After book twenty-three, the series started what was called the "New Generation" and skipped ten years to a new group of characters: Christina Reese, Melanie Graham, Parker Townsend, and a small group of minor characters. These books were still writt

    Early on, the series primarily focuses on Ashleigh Griffen and her adventures at Townsend Acres, a racing and breeding farm owned by Clay Townsend. Ashleigh's parents, Derek and Elaine Griffen, take over at the breeding area of Townsend Acres after their own farm, Edgardale, has

    After book 23, Cindy's Honor, the series skipped forward ten years and began anew with a focus on eventing. The new series involved Ashleigh Griffen's daughter, Christina, who traded Wonder's latest foal, Wonder's Legacy, for a racehorse, named Sterling Dream, which she turned in

    Allie Avery, the final main character of Thoroughbred, was introduced at the very end of the series as the daughter of Craig and Jilly Avery; Craig and Jilly had been removed from the series early on, but were brought back to make the introduction of a new character possible. All

    Joanna Campbell created the first fourteen Thoroughbred books, as well as the first two books in the spin-off series, Ashleigh. After Campbell stopped writing, long-time editor Karen Bentley took over, writing books fifteen through twenty-three. After Karen Bentley left the series, there was a rotating "panel" of contributing authors: Allison Estes, Alice Leonhardt, Dale Blackwell Gasque, Lois Symanski, Mary Newhall Anderson, Karle Dickerson, and Jennifer Chu. Thoroughbred #36, Without Wonder, w

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    1936 Australian film Thoroughbred Helen Twelvetrees during filming of Thoroughbred Directed byKen G. Hall Written byEdmond Seward Produced byKen G. Hall StarringHelen Twelvetrees Frank Leighton John Longden CinematographyGeorge Heath Edited byWilliam Shepherd Music byHamilton Webber Production company Cinesound Productions Distributed byBritish Empire Films Release date May 1936 July 1936 Running time 89 minutes CountryAustralia LanguageEnglish Budget£25,000 or £21,000 Box office£25,000...

    A Canadian horse trainer, Joan, is the adopted daughter of horse trainer and breeder Ma Dawson. She buys an unwanted thoroughbred colt named Stormalong. Joan nurses the horse back to health with the help of Ma's son Tommy, and Stormalong starts to win races. He becomes the favourite to win the Melbourne Cup which attracts the interest of a gambling syndicate who try to dope the horse and kill it in a stable fire. They then kidnap Tommy prior to the race. Stormalong manages to participate in the

    The film was the first made by Cinesound after the studio ceased production in 1935 enabling Hall to visit Hollywood for a number of months. While in Hollywood there he signed contracts with American star Helen Twelvetrees and writer Edmond Seward to work on the film.. He also purchased a rear-projection unit which was used extensively in the film. The budget was originally announced as £25,000. Twelvetrees was paid £1,000 a week, reportedly the highest salary ever paid by the Australian ...

    The film was popular although reviews were mixed, with some criticism of the script. The film received a release in the UK, but was subject to cuts from the censor on the grounds of scenes depicting cruelty to animals, in particular the stable fire. The movie was not a success at the English box office. A novelised version of the screenplay sold out within three days, at a rate of 1,000 copies a day.

    • May 1936 (Australia), July 1936 (UK)
    • Ken G. Hall
  3. Thoroughbred (series), a series of young-adult novels that revolves around equestrianism. The Thoroughbred (1916 film), a 1916 American silent drama film. The Thoroughbred (1928 film), a 1928 British silent sports film. Thoroughbred (film), a 1936 Australian race-horse drama. Thoroughbreds (1944 film), a 1944 American film.

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