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  1. In November 1811, Martha Jefferson Randolph wrote to long-time family friend Elizabeth Trist that she had been ill for several months, beginning with the miscarraige of her eleventh child in her “4th month” the previous July (Martha Jefferson Randolph to Elizabeth Trist, 12 Nov. 1811 [ViU: Edgehill Randolph Papers]).

  2. Cornelia Jefferson Randolph (1799-1871) Virginia Jefferson Randolph (1801–1882), ∞ 1824 : Nicholas Philip Trist (1800–1874) Martha Jefferson Trist (1826-1915) Thomas Jefferson Trist (1828-1890) Dr. Hore Browse Trist (1832-1896) ∞ 1861 : Anna Mary Waring; Mary Jefferson Randolph (1803-1876) James Madison Randolph (1806-1834)

  3. His maternal great-grandfather, William Randolph, settled in Virginia a few years later. He established an estate consisting of thousands of acres and a reputation as a political leader. Jefferson's paternal grandfather, also named Thomas, acquired about 1,500 acres in Osborne, Va., where Jefferson's father, Peter, made a home in the 1730s.

  4. There is no scientific proof that Thomas Jefferson sired any children with Sally Hemings. DNA evidence proves that at least 25 male relatives of the Jefferson family could have been the father and fact patterns suggest that Thomas Jefferson's brother, Randolph Jefferson, was the likely father of at least some of the children whose births stopped the same year of Randolph Jefferson's second ...

  5. Jefferson’s wife, Martha, had died in 1782, and he needed a hostess when ladies were present at the White House. His two daughters, Martha Jefferson Randolph and Maria Jefferson Eppes, occasionally served in that role. On May 27, 1801, he asked Dolley Madison, wife of his long-time friend James Madison, to be the permanent White House hostess

  6. Details from two 1790 letters (in French) from Marie Jacinthe de Botidoux to her former schoolmate in Paris, Martha Jefferson (Randolph), sending her “regards to Miss Sally.” Courtesy the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia Archaeologists found this ceramic jar with a French label at a slave dwelling site on Mulberry Row.

  7. Thomas Jefferson urodził się 13 kwietnia 1743 w Shadwell w kolonii Wirginia. Jego ojciec Peter Jefferson, plantator tytoniu, był z pochodzenia Walijczykiem, natomiast matka, Jane Randolph była pochodzenia szkocko-angielskiego. Jego pierwszym nauczycielem był William Douglas, który uczył łaciny, greki i francuskiego.