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  1. Matthias Erzberger (1875-1921) fue un político y economista alemán.Fue firme opositor del belicismo y militarismo llevado a cabo por el Káiser, lo que le valió el apodo de “el opuesto” durante la Primera Guerra Mundial.

  2. Matthias Erzberger (20 September 1875 – 26 August 1921) was a German publicist and politician (Centre Party), the minister of Finance from 1919 to 1920. Prominent in the Catholic Centre Party, he spoke out against World War I from 1917 and as authorized representative of the Reich government signed the armistice between Germany and the Allied Powers .

  3. Matthias Erzberger, leader of the left wing of the Roman Catholic Centre Party in Germany and signatory of the Armistice of World War I. The son of a craftsman, Erzberger turned from teaching school to journalism with the Centre newspaper, Deutsches Volksblatt, and worked his way up in the Centre

  4. Matthias Erzberger. Matthias Erzberger (1875-1921) was a German politician from the Centre Party, a signer of the 1918 armistice and the Weimar finance minister in 1919-20. He was assassinated in August 1921. Erzberger was born in Württemberg, southern Germany, the son of a Catholic artisan. In his youth, he trained as a schoolteacher before ...

  5. Matthias Erzberger wurde als Sohn des Schneiders und nebenberuflichen Postboten Josef Erzberger und dessen Frau Katherina (geb. Flad) in Buttenhausen geboren. Während sich die Bevölkerung des kleinen Ortes etwa je zur Hälfte aus Juden und Protestanten zusammensetzte, gehörte die aus dem nahegelegenen Gundelfingen stammende Familie Erzberger zu den wenigen katholischen Familien im Ort.

  6. Matthias Erzberger is a German publicist and politician of the Catholic Centre Party. Once a rising star of the Zentrum's left wing, which dominated the party especially during the Weltkrieg and in the early 1920s, his leadership led to the split-up of the party during the Tirpitz chancellorship, called by some the "New Golden Age of German conservatism". Erzberger eventually stepped down as ...

  7. 25/08/2020 · Category:Matthias Erzberger. Matthias Erzberger (September 20, 1875 – August 26, 1921) was a German political figure. Prominent in the Centre Party, he spoke out against the First World War and eventually signed the Armistice for the German Empire. He was assassinated for this act by the Organisation Consul.